Hi Coders! Google Cloud recently launched the Fly Cup Challenge, in which your 1st place prize is $1,000 worth of Google Cloud Fly Cup Challenge points. Join us in this cup challenge and earn coins every time you complete a challenge and place in the top 1% of cup challengers! So, stay tuned for the post.

Google Cloud

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About Fly Cup Challenge 

The Google Cloud Fly Cup Challenge is a competition designed to promote research and equal development in the area of big data. Eligible teams will receive funding to grow their skills and compete for bragging rights as the best cloud-first analytics team in Asia. The Google Cloud Fly Cup Challenge, is also where participants take on a series of breathless, Uniquely, frantic, and endorphin-fueled challenges—all in the name of a good cause. As an official partner.

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Who Can Apply

This challenge is open to everyone equally who wants to participate, regardless of their skill level or experience. We have a limited number of spots for the challenge, so register now!

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Google stages Cloud Fly Cup

Firstly: Fly Cup Challenge: Recruit new participants

Secondly: It’s time for the Google Fly Cup Challenge: Pilots

Thirdly: The champion of the Google Fly Cup Challenge has been announced


Google Cloud


Notice Of Importance

You need to finish this stage one challenge by 10 October, but the sooner you do it, the better the chances you will have of coming in the top 50 if you do it early enough

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The Benefits And Perks Of Stages 1 and 2

  • Top fifty (Recruit) scores: One DRL x Google Cloud item per winner (fee: about $50).
  • Stage 2 (Pilot) prizes include vouchers to download DRL’s Simulator on Steam (retail value: $9.99
  • One article of co-branded customized DRL x Google Cloud merchandise (approximately $100 each) in Stage 3 (Champion
  • At the conclusion of the 2022–2023 racing season, the top three scorers will present their contest results virtually to DRL Pilots in Stage 3 (Champion)

Google Cloud

The Benefits And Perks Of Stages 3

  • Special treatment at DRL Championship Race in early 2023 for Grand Champion (retail value $5,000
  • As part of the prize package, one person may receive up to $3,500 for i) round-trip domestic flight travel and ii) two nights of hotel accommodations.
    • In the event that the Grand Champion is not able to attend the DRL Championship race early in 2023, they will receive an equivalent reward value from DRL.
    • In 2022-2023, the Grand Champion will be recognized at DRL’s Championship race for the Google Fly Cup Challenge

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    Keep These Dates In Mind

    An email notification will be sent to stage 1, 2, and 3 winners on or about October 10, December 1, and January 1, respectively, in 2023.

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    How To Apply 

    In order to apply for the Google Cloud Fly Cup Challenge, please Click Here


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