Hello friends!  today we have IIRS And ISRO’s free Certificate Courses. If you are trying to take the government-certified  Cyber Security course and want to get IIRS & ISRO’s 5 days Certification Course of Geo-data sharing and Cyber Security, then I would suggest you stay with us till the end of this post to know more about this course.

IIRS And ISRO's Free

About ISRO

India’s space program, ISRO, is put in charge of all basic research in the country. It is headed by the Department of Space, an executive branch of government. The prime minister oversees its activities as head of the Department and also serves as the Chairman of ISRO.

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About IIRC

The Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IINS) was established in 1966, with the aim of establishing an autonomous institute for research, higher education, and testing of remote sensing technology. Now standing at a strength of over 1700 faculty, the institute offers courses in geoinformatics, space and satellite technologies, GIS and navigation technologies as well as GPS technology for natural resources management.

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Course Explanation For The 5 Days Certification Course Offered By IIRS & ISRO

This program will provide you with the knowledge of identifying, detecting, and mitigating risks of cyber attacks in the business environment. The course aims to strengthen your skills in email security by creating awareness of common email threats, developing proper network architecture, use of internet security tools and applications in real-time monitoring and management.

 IIRS And ISRO’s free Certificate Course Has The Following Objectives

IIRS And ISRO’s free Certificate Course 5 days course is designed to develop technical safeguards to preserve vital infrastructure while simultaneously doing research, teaching, training, and spawning businesses in the field of geoinformatics and remote sensing data. The goal of the course is to distribute knowledge about a range of practical components that can be used in critical infrastructure protection.

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This Course Covers The Following Topics

  • Challenges and threats associated with cyber security
  • Software tools and products for securely accessing data and information
  • Web and mobile applications with secure data access and transactions
  • A list of recommended cyber security practices
  • Cybersecurity and the sharing of geodata online

IIRS And ISRO's Free

IIRS & ISRO’s Free Certification Course Eligibility Criteria

Students or staff of the central or state government, faculty/researchers at any institute or university who have the enthusiasm to learn are eligible to apply for this course. IIRS And ISRO’s free Certificate Course These courses are open to undergraduate/postgraduate students in any field, as well as technical/scientific staff of the national/state governments, as well as faculty and researchers at any institute/university.

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The Cost Of The Course

In order to register for this IIRS And ISRO’s free Certificate Course, candidates do not need to pay any fees.

This Course Has The Following Benefits

  • Each participant will receive a Certificate of Participation depending on how well they performed in the course (minimum attendance of 70% is required).
  • Learning new skills from IIRS & ISRO experts is a golden opportunity

What Are The Application Procedures?

  • Candidates must register by providing their full names, email addresses, and passwords.
  • All applicants need to do is open the link provided in their email to activate their accounts.
  • As soon as your account has been activated and your email is configured, you will be able to select the application for selection to the institute (if you are pursuing any degree, please choose to apply through IIRS Nodal Center mode and otherwise select individual registration).
  • Upon successfully submitting an application, applicants will receive a registration number via email and on the website.

IIRS And ISRO's Free

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  • In the case of IIRS Nodal Center registration, speak with your institute’s faculty coordinator before 2-3 days of the course start date to request acceptance of your application. After receiving a registration number by mail, speak with the IIRS faculty coordinator of your institute and ask him/her to accept your application.
  • The login credentials for the IIRS e-class platform are sent to all confirmed applicants via email.
  • The applicant whose application status is “Not Approved” will be recognized as a Learner and will be able to view the sessions live on YouTube

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