Are you also one of those people who are still searching for online money-earning apps without investment? Then, you’ll be getting all your answers today. If you want to earn a little bit of amount, just like your pocket money effortlessly then this post will surely help you out.

 Online money earning apps without investment

We’ll be telling you about the earning app without investment. We’re not going to cover just a single app. We’ll definitely be telling you about multiple apps to earn money or Paytm cash. We’re going to tell you about 11 apps in Total. Isn’t amazing? You can use the app which you think is perfect or you can use multiple apps as well. Let’s dive into the list of online money-earning apps without investment.

11 Best Online earning apps without investment

1. Swagbucks 

This app is actually the most popular one on the list. It’s actually giving people the opportunity to earn from their homes for a long time.  It gives you the option to make money by filling out surveys, watching videos, playing games, and shopping online. You’ll get paid for your activities in this app. The more activities you will do, the more money you will earn.

Please watch the video to learn more about Swagbucks.

2. Google Opinion Rewards 

As its name suggests, you’ll get paid for your opinions in this app. You’ll receive surveys to answer or opinions to share on a variety of topics. You’ll get paid with a google play balance. You can use that balance for in-app purchases, app or movie purchases, or anything to buy which is available in the Google play store. Also, this app is made by Google. 

Watch the video to learn more about Google Opinion Rewards.

3. RozDhan

This app is paying users for so long. It is an India-based app. As Swagbucks, you’ll be able to earn money for different activities in this app. You’ll be getting paid for watching different videos, filling out surveys, and reading. You’ll easily get the money through or redeem it on UPI, Paypal, Paytm, and more. 

Please watch the video to learn more about Rozdhan.

4. MPL – Mobile Premier League

So, I absolutely do not need to tell you about the popularity of this app on mobile phones. This app spends a lot in marketing and hence almost a lot of people know about it app already. Also, it’s one of the most trusted apps to earn money. It’s also a kind of e-sports app where you can play games and make money by competing with different people.

They have a lot of gaming options like fantasy cricket, fruit ninja, and a lot of other games like chess, cards and etc. If you want to earn money while playing games then you should check out this trusted application.

Please watch the video to learn more about MPL.

5. TaskBucks

You must have used a lot of apps on your smartphone but what if I tell you that you can make money by testing new apps? Yes, you heard it right! You will be said to download some apps and use them for a bit and hence you’ll be get paid for that. Also, you’ll be able to make money by shopping through this app.

And this is also one of the oldest apps on the list. People are earning their pocket money through this app for a long time now.

Please watch the video to learn more about Taskbucks.

6. CashKaro

Just like MPL, it is also one of the most popular earning apps. You must already be knowing about the concept of this app but if you don’t then let me tell you how will be able to make money through this. Actually, you get paid for shopping online. You just have to make the product link an affiliate link through this app.

And buy the product as you simply place the order and after the return period is over, you’ll get the money in your Cashkaro account which you’ll be able to transfer to your bank account after having a certain amount that the company has fixed.

Please watch the video to learn more about Cashkaro.

7. Meesho

Meesho is an app that you’re already be knowing about but as a shopping app. You’ll be amazed to know that you can even earn money through this app. We’re not just telling you the apps which you can use to make pocket money but instead, we’re also telling you the apps which you can use to make a sufficient amount of money.

Cashkaro was also one of them. And Meesho is also on the list. With the help of Meesho, you can resell the products easily at the price point you want. Let’s suppose you have found a saree that cost 349 rupees. You can resell it at 649 rupees and the rest of the amount will be your profit. That’s the way to make money through this app. You can promote the products through your WhatsApp status or Instagram stories and start taking orders.

Please watch the video to learn more about Meesho. 

8. CashNGifts

CashNgifts are also one of the oldest platforms on our list. It actually gives you a range of ways to make money, actually, this app is more focused on providing gift cards. You can sell gift cards, watch videos, ads, and much more. You can redeem all the balance you earned. You can earn by referring to a friend as well. The more you refer, the more you can earn. Check this platform, if it excites you.

Please watch the video to learn more about Cashngifts.

9. Panel Station

It is a proper survey website that will pay you for filling out surveys and sharing your opinions on different things and perspectives. The reviews and payout are really good on this website, You’ll be able to earn a good amount through this website, Just earn a little bit of amount by surveys and withdraw your money instantly! Isn’t it amazing?

Please watch the video to learn more about Panel Station.

10. Pocket Money

Not gonna lie, this app is one of the most popular apps in the money-earning app market. You will get a variety of apps to download and you’ll get paid for testing the apps. The amount of each app varies. Apart from this, you can also make money by other activities available on the app. You can get your earned money through Paytm or you can do your Mobile recharge. Do check out this app to make money.

Please watch the video to learn more about Pocket Money.

11. Probo

See, this is the app where you can make a good amount of money but there’s a catch! You have to invest money first. Chill! I know what you’re thinking. Actually, this app gives some amount to the new users to play. You can easily start with that money and earn money but if you lose you will have to invest 20-30rs. as much as you can. They will actually pay you to predict. If you predict the right answer you can get paid instantly. That’s the good thing about this app.

If you don’t like this app or you have lost all the free money and now you don’t want to invest then do check out other apps. You will definitely find your fit.

Please watch the video to learn more about Probo.


In this AI age, you can even make money through mobile phones as well. Here we have already mentioned earning apps without investment. You’ll be able to make enough amount of pocket money. And let us make it clear that you really can’t be dependent just on these apps. Actually, these apps can’t make you a lot of money. These are just daily 100 rupees earning apps without investment. If you want to make more money then you should learn a skill and get paid for it. But, if you just wanna start and make 100-200 rupees then definitely these apps are enough. 


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