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HelloConcerning TCS ion

TCS iON is a strategic unit of TCS focused on Manufacturing Industries (SMB), Educational Institutions, and Examination Boards.

It meets many of the needs of multiple industry segments by providing innovative, simple-to-use, secure, equally integrated, and hosted solutions in a pay-as-you-grow business model!TCS iON is a strategic unit of Tata Consultancy Services focused on Manufacturing Industries (SMB), Educational Institutions, and Examination Boards.

The TCS iON team leverages its proprietary technology and expertise in areas such as cloud computing, virtualization, big data and analytics, online education, and intelligent automation solutions to support clients’ health care and manufacturing industries.

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Career Counseling Course at TCS iON

Our TCS ion is one of the leading career counseling institutes in India, which offers a variety of education and training programs to aspiring professionals. Temple College of Science offers the best and most modern education to budding students.

Temple College provides career counseling services to students who are passionate about taking engineering, management, or other academic courses.

The Career Counseling Course is designed to equip professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide effective bereavement support.

The course provides training in a range of topics such as grief processing and positive role modeling; enhancing a positive relationship between the bereaved and their career; cognitive behavioral approaches to life challenges; and relapse prevention strategies.

A fully residential career counseling course will provide you with practical knowledge and skills to make a difference in the lives of your clients.

This will enable you to manage challenging situations and empower your clients to participate more fully in their own personal well-being.

The course is designed to enable you to develop the essential skills and competencies needed to administer this therapeutic service, along with the understanding of the principles and implications of professional counseling practice within a social care setting, as well as provide a broad theoretical understanding of conversational, behavioral, and cognitive-behavioral therapies.

Free Career Counseling Certificate

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An overview of eligibility criteria

Any graduate from any stream/psychology graduate will have an advantage/ Working professionals aspiring to become career counselors will be considered.

This course will teach you what?

As you navigate your career, it’s important to know what gives you the edge. This course helps students get a deeper understanding of the factors that influence their career choices and the chances they have to succeed in the workforce. It also provides tools for interpreting career counseling theories and perspectives; applying a scientific framework for psychometric tests in career counseling; elaborating academic and career pathways; conducting career guidance conversations, and other important skills for getting your foot in the door! This course gives you an understanding of career counseling theories and perspectives, as well as a practical application of psychometric tests in career counseling. It also elaborates on academic and career pathways, in addition to conducting career guidance conversations, And Includes lots of profits.

Career Counseling Syllabus for TCS iON

This course is divided into 6 modules here are the Module

Free Career Counseling Certificate

1. Module 1: Counseling Ethics and Skills

We will teach you the fundamental skills of career counseling, such as communication and listening, empathy, and also decision-making skills. We also cover issues of ethics and diversity in career counseling, including how to promote diversity in hiring practices. Then, we will especially go through the process of implementing these skills at your organization to help clients be better equipped to move towards their professional goals.

2. Module 2: Families, children, and adolescents: Understanding them

We understand that the transition from school to adulthood can be a challenging time for young people. Whether you’re dealing with depression, anxiety, or an emerging problem, we use our caring, non-judgmental approach to create a safe place for you to explore options and get support.

3. Module 3: Theoretical and practical aspects of career counseling

The most important decision you’ll ever make is what career path to take. Career counseling is the only way to get the information you need for a successful career move. We provide unbiased and dedicated counseling services for students who are having difficulties selecting career paths or are unsure about the choices available to them. Career counseling is a skill required to help individuals and their organizations achieve career success. This course Especially helps students improve their self-confidence, create a positive self-image, and come to terms with their life goals.

4. Module 4: Diagnostic Assessments provided by TCS iON

We provide career counseling to people who want to know what their options are and how they can make the most of them. We offer a diagnostic test as well as self-exploration tests to help you quickly get to know yourself and what your strengths and weaknesses are. Diagnostic tests are necessary because of the unique nature of career profiling and because people progress in their careers and alternate careers. The diagnostic tests provide information that helps create the framework for determining one’s ability to obtain a position in the field. Test results will be provided on a web-based professional site, which provides detailed feedback pertinent to the test results.

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Module 5: Implementing TCS iON Diagnostic Assessments

iON Career Counselling is now available in a digital format. This allows you to create your Career Readiness and Skill Set Report without the need for physical copies of the assessments and subsequent documents. The digital format will allow anyone with an Internet connection to use it and access the results quickly.

6. Module 6:Taking advantage of TCS iON’s Career Conversations platform

Getting affiliated with TCS iON is the first step toward taking your career to the next level. Here we provide you with the latest industry insights regarding the understanding of the world of work, including information repository and its usage. Equally this platform also provides career counseling for those who seek guidance for their career growth.

Free Career Counseling Certificate

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Advantages of the TCS-ioN Certified Career Counseling Course

For a limited time, the online career counselling programme is available free of charge. It’s a dynamic, interactive course that’s enriching and has learning resources you can access anytime and anywhere. This course is moderated by an academic expert and an industry expert with a focus on building conceptual clarity and industry-oriented applied knowledge.

The course is designed to give you a thorough understanding of the role, responsibilities, and challenges faced by a career counselor. You will learn how to counsel individuals and groups on career issues such as job search strategies, self-assessment methods, career planning, and decision-making skills. The course incorporates practical sessions where you will get hands-on experience of working with real clients and students.

  • Assignments based on scenarios: Access to sample student diagnostic reports to assist with career counseling
  • Skills Assessments: Continuous Checking for Skill Competency. as well as highlighting opportunities for improvement.
  • Test of knowledge of the theoretical and applied aspects at the end of the term-final assessment.
  • Upon successful completion of the learning program, an equally digital certificate will be issued by academia and industry.

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Important Dates

  • The application deadline for this course is September 10th, 2022.
  • There will be a September 20th, 2022 start date for this course.

How to apply

For more information about the TCS iON Certified Career Counseling Course, Click here

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