Trends come and become outdated after a time. But, there’s one question which never goes out of trends which is “How to make money Online?”. If you’re reading this article then you also must be wondering the same. Isn’t it?  So, in this article we’ll be sharing the best and new methods to make money this 2024. 

Before we go into the ways and process, we want to tell you that if you want to make a lot of money, you have to understand that you have to provide value. What we mean here by providing value is giving someone something in return of money. Why is someone gonna pay you the amount? You have to find and work on that first. 

10 and one 10 us dollar bill

May you get some money in the beginning without focusing on value providing. But you have to focus on providing value if you want to sustain in the long run. So, now we’ll be proceeding to the best ways to make money in 2024. 

We’ll be keeping both (Student & Professionals) in mind while telling you these methods. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a student or a working professional, you both can make money using these methods. So, let’s start one by one.

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1. Writing

person typing on laptop computer

So, the very first way to make money is by writing. In today’s world of content creation. Writing is becoming very crucial. Either you can be a YouTube script writer or a content writer. You can make a really good amount by choosing any one of the writing fields.

We’ll be elaborating both of the fields in detail. So you can proceed with the one which excites you or you potentially see the growth for yourself. If talking about the YouTube script writing then see, YouTube is booming these days and you have to agree with this. You-tubing or content creation is becoming the most paid profession in the world. 

And with that, there’s a lot of youtubers who are seeking to dilute their work & the very first person they have to hire is a YouTube script writer. Because that is the very first process for a youtuber to make a video. Scripting is the very first process of making a YouTube video. If you target the right youtuber and provide the service which is worth paying for then you can charge a good amount of money. And there’s a lot of scalability opportunities in this field. You can start with a single youtuber and as you grow, you can handle multiple youtubers or you can expand with a team.

Now, if talking about becoming a content writer then it can also be a really profitable side hustle for you. If you are not that great in writing which can hook the viewers from the beginning to the end then you can try content writing. It doesn’t need excellent experience in the beginning but if you want to approach big clients or international clients then you should have a decent level of experience.

But, yeah you can start with no experience and also work for free at the beginning for the experience and testimonials. And as you grow, have some experiences and start collecting amazing articles in your basket or portfolio. Your writing portfolio will get you amazing clients otherwise it will be too hard for you to get clients. 

If given an example then it would definitely be Neil Patel, you might not be knowing him if you are completely new to the content writing or digital marketing field. So let us tell you, he’s considered a marketing genius and his main strategy when he was starting out was his content. If you genuinely want to write amazing content which can help you to earn a good amount of money then you should read his blogs and observe his way of writing. You’ll learn a lot.

At the end of the writing section, we want to say that you can choose any path from these both. We recommend you to go through all the pointers and pros & cons. So, you can choose the better one for yourself.

 2. Content Curator

a person typing on a keyboard next to a laptop

Valuable and relevant material is in high demand in today’s fast-paced digital world. Because of this, content curation has become a really lucrative option for anyone looking to make money online. Information curation is the process of identifying and compiling excellent information with a target audience from a variety of sources. For individuals who can effectively curate and spread knowledge.

Let me make it simple for you, content curation specifies creating. That means, you can start content creation as a side hustle.

We believe that one of the main ways people may make money from content curation is through affiliate marketing. Curators can integrate affiliate links in their product or service offerings by carefully selecting them within a specific niche. This is really amazing, don’t you think? With the help of these links, curators can get paid a commission for any sale that results from their referral. What’s really amazing about this interaction between affiliate marketing and content curation is that curators may profit from their knowledge of a certain area while also earning money from the items or services they use.

Social media platforms, for example, have a big impact on how much content curating can be made profitable. Curators have the ability to investigate potential for sponsored content and collaborations as they develop a devoted following via the regular sharing of high-quality content. It makes natural that companies looking for visibility would want to work with curators who have a sizable following in their target demographic. These collaborations can take many different forms, like as sponsored posts or product reviews, and they give curators a reliable stream of cash in return for their capacity to interact with and, you know, influence their audience.

Moreover, content curation may be made profitable by producing instructional materials and online course! It’s quite cool when knowledgeable curators with in-depth knowledge of their field package that information into useful resources for other people. Sites like Udemy and Teachable provide curators with opportunities to sell their classes, webinars, e-books, and other content, turning their knowledge into a scalable revenue stream. This is fantastic.

One possible way for people looking to make money off of their expertise is to freelance as a content curator. Curators oversee content strategies for a lot of companies and individuals, making sure that their online presence stays, uh, current and engaging and stuff. You know, freelance content curators can market themselves as the go-to people in their industry by listing their services on sites like Upwork or Fiverr. This strategy gives curators a platform to demonstrate their skills as well as a variety of revenue-generating options.

Content curators are given even more authority with the emergence of platforms for content monetization. As you may know, curators enjoy a steady income stream while subscribers have exclusive access to carefully chosen material. Because there are no middlemen involved, there is a direct and more sustainable source of income for curators and customers, which is, like, really, very fantastic.

To sum up, content curation is now more than just a passion project or pastime; it’s a really practical way to make money online. Content curators can turn their expertise into a steady source of income by means of affiliate marketing, social media collaborations, strategic alliances, freelancing, and platforms for monetization. For individuals who are passionate about finding and sharing important information, content curation is an interesting and potentially rewarding undertaking, especially as the digital landscape continues to grow and offer endless prospects for success in the online marketplace.

 3. Thumbnail Designer

silver imac on white table

So, if talking about being a thumbnail designer then we think that this can really be a good side hustle among all of the side hustles mentioned. See, at any point of life everybody tried photo editing or becoming a youtuber or vlogger. Aren’t you? Yeah so, everybody has a basic idea about what exactly is a thumbnail or how to make it. Knowing the basics makes it a little easy to get started. 

Let’s get into detail on how to get started with thumbnail designing and how to scale and make it a profitable side hustle. We are assuming that you are already aware of what a thumbnail is. As the content writer, you have to approach youtubers in this side hustle. As the chances of getting a reply is much less so we recommend you to make a list of 100-200 youtubers whom you think you can help getting better thumbnails, and ultimately more clicks and money then approach all of them via mail once.

Before getting into this, you have to keep in mind that this is such a cluttered space and if you really want to stand out then you have to make sure that your designs are eye pleasing and catchy, so it can grab viewers attention.But before this, you have to make sure that your design is attracting the youtuber whom you are mailing. 

Portfolio is such a big thing here, if you don’t have an amazing portfolio then you can’t go big here. So,we’re not saying that you can’t start this or can’t be successful but you have to be prepared and start pitching to the small content creators. It will increase the probability of getting the reply. 

If talking about the software then you can use any compatible software you want. In mobile, there is pixel lab and picsart. But we don’t really recommend you to go with these because you can’t go big with these apps or using mobile. If said in short then it limits your creative capability while using mobile phones and its apps.

We suggest making thumbnails in laptops as it will help you to expand your creativity and make the best thumbnails which you can use in your professional portfolio. You can use illustrator, Coreldraw but the widely and popularly used software is ofcourse, Adobe Photoshop. You should be using that. 

If talking about the learning part then you should definitely consider YouTube to learn this skill. Actually, it will help you to start from the basics and lead you to advanced thumbnail designing. But, with this we are limiting you to the laptop only. You can start with your mobile device but yes it will be hard and challenging as compared to laptops. That’s it. 

 4. Research Assistant

eyeglasses with gray frames on the top of notebook

Are you enthusiastic about learning with a curious mind? If so, working as a research assistant might be the best option for you to satisfy your intellectual thirst and make some money. Assisting researchers with their investigations, data gathering, and analysis, research assistants are essential in the professional and academic worlds. We’ll look at a number of ways in which you might earn money as a research assistant in this post, along with some helpful advice to get you started down this fulfilling career path.

Where to work as a Research Assistant?

  1. Literary Research:

Research at the university level might take you on an intellectual adventure journey. Numerous vacancies for research assistants across a range of fields are available at universities and academic institutions. Speak with department heads or instructors in your area of interest, show them how excited you are, and ask about any openings. In addition to helping with ground-breaking research, academic research exposes you to a network of informed peers and mentors.

  1. Research Consultancies:

In the commercial and consulting worlds, decision-making procedures heavily rely on research. Research consultancies frequently look for research assistants to help with their projects—whether they involve literature reviews, data analysis, or market research—to support their work, help with corporate decision-making, and make a good living.

  1. Youtubers

Many big YouTube often seek a research assistant for making in-detailed content which is ofcourse lengthy in time which make it more important to focus on minor details. There are so many youtubers always looking for someone to assist.

If talking about the payments or earning in these all three ways then it would be lucrative ofcourse. As it requires a lot of effort, that’s why the payment range often lies in a satisfactory point. Let’s not get into the payment in depth, first of all we will be talking about the essential skills in order to become a successful research assistant.

Essential Skills to Succeed

  1. Strong analytical abilities:

An essential skill for every research assistant is the capacity to evaluate and understand data. To succeed in your position, develop your analytical abilities, get knowledgeable about statistical analysis tools, and become comfortable with research procedures.

  1. Attention to Detail:

Complex discoveries and minute details are common in research. Develop an acute sense of detail to guarantee precision in the gathering, transcribing, and analyzing of data. The distinguishing feature of a successful research assistant is accuracy.

  1. Effective Communication:

You will regularly work in collaboration with researchers, stakeholders, and team members in your role as a research assistant. To successfully convey ideas, communicate information, and present discoveries, cultivate good communication skills.

Taking on the role of a research assistant can lead to several career prospects and intellectual development. There are several ways to earn money while supporting vital research, including through university research, research consultancies, and non-profit organizations. Your path to success as a research assistant can be built with the correct tools, networking, and an attitude of constant learning. So, feed your curiosity, enter the field of study, realize your full potential, and start a rewarding profession.

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5. Web Designer

MacBook Pro on table beside white iMac and Magic Mouse 

Now, it’s time for the last side hustle which is web designing. It is one of the most in-demand side hustle or careers these days. Not gonna lie but if done properly, you can even make more than your main job with this side hustle. It’s basically designing a website properly for any brand or organization.

What do we mean by this? See, this is the era of digitalization in which we are living in. Agree? So with that, each and every brand is trying to be on the internet which needs them a website to be online. And that’s where web designers come into rescue. 

You don’t have to do coding and stuff. No! What you actually have to do is to create the website look and feel. Web developers will make it work. You just have to take care of the designing part and the visuals of the website.

There’s some websites or software which you can use to create visually stunning websites. Some of them are : WordPress, Web-flow, Adobe In-design and Figma, etc. These are some popular and widely used software’s which you can use. 

If talking about how to start, then it’s not that hard to start actually. You just need to have your basics clear and rest is all about YouTube and learning. Just head to YouTube and search for “Learn web designing” and start learning. 

You’ll love this job if you genuinely have a creative side. If you love graphic designing or graphics then you’ll definitely be enjoying this work though. Not gonna elaborate here because this is such topic which deserves a whole article. So, if you genuinely have to start then you can watch this playlist.


In this world of employment and business, there are plenty of chances to generate money in 2024. Whether you decide to work for yourself, make investments, commercialize your ideas, investigate e-commerce, or take part in the sharing economy, keep in mind that success demands commitment, perseverance, and a flexible mindset. Recognize your advantages, make the most of technology, and take advantage of any chances that present themselves. You may set yourself up for financial success in 2024 and beyond if you have the correct attitude and a hint of the entrepreneurial spirit. Best of Luck.


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