So if you’re reading this article then you must be interested in Cyber Security. And here’s a quick question.”Do you learn about Cyber security in Depth?” or “Are you looking for the basics of cyber security?” If you fall in any of these categories, here’s an opportunity for you.

Cyber Security Awareness Program

So, here we are with a Cyber Security Awareness Program. In which we will be learning a lot about it. We’ll also be looking at the importance of cyber security. Let’s dive in and find out what’s waiting for you. 

Importance of Cyber Security

Cyber Security Awareness Program

So, cyber security is becoming really crucial these days. You must be knowing about the digital scams these days. Or you must have heard about the data breaching or leaks happening on the big sites as well. You should have the basic knowledge about it to prevent this kind of thing from happening. You can even make a career out of it. Big Companies like Google, Meta also hire Cyber Security experts. This is a great opportunity to learn cyber security for you all.

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About the Program

The majority of you are “connected” by means of our personal computers, tablets, cellphones, or laptops. The internet has a big potential to be a useful and enjoyable tool for learning, keeping in touch, entertaining, and finding friends.

 However, if you use the internet carelessly, you run the chance of becoming the victim of abuse or unlawful conduct, such as fraud, harassment, or worse. Students who participate in this cyber security awareness program will receive valuable advice on staying safe online. 

This program will walk you through a lot of aspects of cyber security and will teach a lot of things like:

Protecting your own data : So, If you want to learn about protecting your data from leaking or breaching. This course will walk you through with this. It will guide you with the techniques which will help you to understand the mistakes behind stealing the data. And how you can avoid those mistakes and hence end up becoming more secure than others.

Finding the mistakes/Loopholes: So, any breaching or hacking needs some kind of mistakes from the user and the hacker always keeps on eyeing these little scenarios. This course will walk you through finding those mistakes and making your and your beloved ones data more secure.

Knowing About the tactics: You’ll already be updated about the tactics and hacking practices which hackers use to hack the systems or data. 

You’ll also be learning a lot of other things in this course. Let’s deep dive into the other benefits which you’ll be getting along with the course. There’s some other benefits as well apart from the course content.

Other Benefits & Course Fee

So, if talking about the other benefits then it would definitely be free certification. Yeah, you’ll be getting a free certification which is government approved. You can use the certification in your LinkedIn profile or also in the CVs. It will definitely gonna create a positive impact for sure. 

Let’s talk about another good thing, the duration of this course is just 10 hours. In ten hours you’ll be learning all the basics in a short and compiled manner. So, you don’t have to put months and months to complete a single course.

You’ll be able to find out whether you have an interest in cyber security or not. If this topic excites you then you can move further with the best cyber security courses in the market or you can head to Udemy to find one and make a career out of it. 

And if the topic doesn’t excite you then you still have the benefit of having the certificate of this workshop or course. In both situations it can be beneficial to you. So, have a look into it.

Now, comes the most exciting part which is price and most of you might already be knowing about it, as it already mentioned in the headings and in between. Yes, you guessed it right. It is absolutely free. Isn’t it amazing? You’ll be getting this much benefits at no cost. 

Timings and Eligibility Criteria

If talking about the timings, we have already listed that this is a short and compiled course of 10 hours only. So, it’s a live course. There will be batches which are live as of now. May the batches can extend, will totally depend on the demand of the learners. So, the timings of those  batches are listed below:

  • 29 Jan 2024[ 03:30 PM to 05:30 PM ]
  • 12 Feb 2024[ 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM ]
  • 26 Feb 2024[ 03:30 PM to 05:30 PM ]

There will be 5 classes in total, of 2 hours daily which is 10 hours in total. These are the classes which you can join and start learning.

Now, let’s move to the eligibility part which is, any student of class 8th onwards. Yes, you read it right. Either you are a student, working professional or housewife. You can still join this course and start learning. 

Application process

Enough detailing about the course. Let’s move further to the application process. Here’s the step by step guide to join:

  • Click on the link here.
  • The link will head to the official page.At the very first, you’ll see the course which is absolutely free of cost.
  • Click “Apply Now”
  • Then fill out your course and login details, register if you are a new user. (Most of you have to register)
  • Then, by proceeding, enter the profile details.
  • After filling these out, review your entered data, make sure it is correct. And if all the information is correct. Submit it and you’re ready to go.


Now, it’s time for the things to sum up. Here in this article we have talked about the free certification course which is all about cyber security. This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone out there to learn cyber security, especially to the people who are genuinely curious about IT and technology. Have a happy and significant learning.


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