If there’s any term/topic which we have been listening to a lot over the past few days then it’s none other than “AI”. We are unlocking immense possibilities using AI and some of them are really shocking as well. Even we’re now using it on a daily basis. Everybody is curious to know about it and to be a part of it but there’s a bunch of people who are getting scared with the development of AI. There’s a reason for it too. A lot of jobs that are automated or can be done by AI are getting replaced. 

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Some tech jobs are also at high risk. Within a span of a few months of launch, ChatGPT shocks everyone in the business or service industry. There’s a massive layoff happening in giant companies. For these reasons, many job roles are at risk. 

You’ll be amazed to know that ChatGPT just took 5 days to reach 1 million users whereas Netflix took 3.5 years to do the same. Just imagine the curiosity of the people around AI and the uncertainty too. 

But there’s always a ray of light in the dark. Do you know what we mean? There are a lot of jobs that can’t be replaced by the development of Artificial intelligence. In this article, we’re exactly going to tell you this. We’ve analyzed and found the 11 Jobs which can’t be replaced by AI that soon. 

1. Graphic Designers

You must be thinking that graphic designing is the sector that is most likely to get replaced by AI. But there’s a catch! We know that there are a lot of people and experts talking that the design sector will be the first industry to get laid off by AI. But we think that this is the very first job that is safe from AI. If you wanna debate? Chill! Have a look at the explanation.

See, Designing is a creative job and it requires the ability to take inspiration from anywhere and present it in the most creative way you can. AI can’t be that creative. There’s a limitation of AI being creative. It can just create something from the data it has but humans or graphic designers can take inspiration from the real world. They don’t have to feed data. 

Also, there’s a high possibility that AI will create the same or almost the same design by entering the same prompt but that is not in graphic designers. If you give the same prompt to ten graphic designers then all the ten designers will come up with absolutely different designs. So, In our opinion, graphic designing jobs are not going to be replaced by AI that soon. In fact, graphic designers should be a part of AI to take inspiration and to be updated with the capability of AI.

2. Content Writers

So, this can be a controversial statement. But here we are to prove our point. Content writing is also one of the creative jobs which require human intelligence. Yes, we accept that people or companies have already replaced content writers/Copywriters with AI. But that is only for writing captions, Ads detail, or video titles/Descriptions.

Companies are still seeking for professional content writers to write their articles or blogs in order to rank on Google. Because AI can only create articles from the resources available on the internet and it’s full of plagiarism as well which google absolutely hates. 

Even to sell something, companies are seeking copywriters to write something emotional which can hit people’s emotions to make more sales and it’s not in the capability of AI. But yes, after the rise of AI, this field become a lot more competitive to stand out but if you are really dedicated to it then your job will not going to be replaced anyway soon. 

3. Educators

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Now, you have to accept that education is not in the capabilities of AI till now. It can explain something in the simplest term by entering a single line of a prompt but it can’t educate you with the emotions & real-life examples which humans can. 

Humans have the ability to understand the student and make them understand the term accordingly. Also, teaching or educating is not only about conveying information or giving knowledge. It’s also about motivating and also understanding students which requires emotional intelligence which is not in the capability of AI.

4. Business Analyst

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Business analysts study data or provide suggestions to help the firm identify potential areas for operational improvement. Artificial intelligence (AI) can analyze enormous volumes of data, but it is unable to replicate the institutions that humans have created as a result of their experiences.


 Additionally, business analysts are needed because AI is no longer capable of effectively and efficiently communicating findings to the entire team. There’s also a catch! AI can’t even understand the emotional or grounded problems that companies are facing. 

Being a business analyst is also one of the safest jobs which is not going to be replaced by AI that soon.

5. UX Designer

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Yeah, it’s part of the graphic designing industry but a little different from it. We’ll make it easier for you. UX understanding for “User Experience”. It’s also a creative job in graphic design. “This is a creative job and being creative is still not in the capability of AI” just this line is sufficient to justify my point but there’s even more.

For being a UX designer you should have a better understanding of Human behavior & Psychology which AI can’t replicate. AI can’t understand how humans react. Being a UX Designer, the core responsibility is to make the app/website more catchy and engaging so can the human mind get tricked and spend more time in the app.

6. Data Scientist

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Data scientists so essentially evaluate a bunch of data to generate insights for commercial decision-making. To explain their findings to others efficiently and in a very excellent manner. And it’s something AI is still unable to do. Data scientists must be used. Although AI can assist in this process, it cannot fully replace the knowledge and human touch that come from a lifetime of experience.

Here we simply mean that data scientists’ roles are not going to be replaced by AI as soon as predicted. AI can only analyze large sets of data but can’t act or take decisions accordingly. 

7. Software Engineer 

Jobs AI can't replace

Yeah! AI can write codes. But it can’t write by understanding your needs. AI needs data to work and there’s not a lot of data available for AI to code and make websites and apps. Also writing codes is one of the most challenging and complicated jobs out there.

If given a problem, software engineers have to find a solution and then implement it in different programming languages. In some problems, it requires logical thinking as well. Hence, this is also one of those jobs which is not going to be replaced that soon.

8. AI & ML Engineer

Jobs AI can't replace

It’s pretty obvious that AL & ML Engineer jobs will not be going to be replaced even if the demands of these jobs are going to skyrocket in upcoming years or in a few decades. Writing codes for AI & ML is way too complicated than it looks and it requires logical thinking as well.

As the demand for AI is booming these days then it’s obvious that more AI & ML engineers will be required throughout the process. AI is not so developed yet that it can create clones by itself. Even it’s scary to think of it.

9. Product Manager

Jobs AI can't replace

So, Actually, the work and day-to-day task of a product manager is too complicated and strategized. They first have to understand the need then they have to develop and product as per needs for which they have to be in touch with different teams such as marketing & tech etc. They have to research the market.

Even after the product is ready then they have to think and make a strategy for its launch and make it a grand success. And if the product fails, they also have to analyze where the product is lacking to impress and make sales. Hence, AI is not ready to handle this level of work and it can’t even make strategies accordingly. There’s no threat to the product manager jobs at least for a few decades from now.

10. Investment Bankers

Jobs AI can't replace

So, Investment Bankers basically provide financial services to the client or government. They help companies to raise money and also in their IPOs. They also help in taking loans. But here the need of the client can vary from client to client which AI is not yet capable to understand.

Investment banker requires a lot of thinking capacity which helps them to understand the need of the clients and AI is not going to replicate it that soon. 

11. Psychologist 

Jobs AI can't replace

Now you need to accept that Psychologist is one such job that AI can’t even do. The role of a Psychologist is to understand the mental pain or problem of their patients which requires human emotions and empathy which AI doesn’t have.

AI just understands the binary language and they can understand what one is feeling or going through. Only psychiatrists or Psychologists can understand and give them medications accordingly.

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Here we’re at the end of our article, not your jobs. These 11 jobs which we have listed here are absolutely AI-proof and there’s no threat to these jobs. Try learning the skills which are relevant to AI and can’t be replaced by AI. Build emotional intelligence as well because this is also one of the skills which AI will not be going to replace even in a few decades or centuries. Who knows? 



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