Are you interested in creating and selling your own online courses? These 3 free training will help you get started and learn online course creation skills.

3 Online FREE Training to Learn Course Creating Skills

Course Name Link
1. How To Create a Profitable Online Course in 10 Simple Steps Get (FREE)
2. Create Your Online Course Plan – 5-Day Challenge Get (FREE)
3. Create Online Courses – Full Guide  Go to Playlist


Free Tools for Crafting Your Online Course To create an effective online course, there are four key resources you’ll need:

  1. Graphic design software for creating course materials like slides, PDF worksheets, and social media graphics. Canva is a great option for this and it’s FREE.
  2. A video editor to record yourself, your slide presentation, or your screen. FilmoraGo, inshot, Quik (iOS and Android are good choices for this, and it’s free.
  3. An email marketing platform to build your list and promote your course. ConvertKit is a reliable choice for this.
  4. A place to host and sell your course. For this, I recommend Thinkific and UDEMY

With these tools, you’ll be well-equipped to start creating your own online course!”


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