If you are reading this blog, you are genuinely a tech-job aspirant. We are assuring you to summarize all the information about ” How to get a job in Tech companies without Coding? “

However, when we hear the word “Technology” another word that strikes our minds is Programming/Coding. If you want to pursue or switch your career to the tech field, on the contrary knowing the fact that you are a non-techie person makes you stand out in this Tech World.

Therefore, this is a complete myth IT industry will still welcome you. Particularly, if your Fundamentals of Data Science are clear that will increase your chances to get a high-paying job easily.

Congratulations! By the end of this blog, you will be with your decision to earn five figures amount with the following options. So then, Keep up till last.

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Top 7 IT Jobs For Non-Programmers

1. IT Project Manager (Rs.15L-26Lp.a)

The project Manager in the IT industry manages tasks from planning to creating the ultimate software. Including attaching it to hardware, implementing, monitoring, controlling, repairing, updating, and so on. A project manager is responsible to keep things smoothly done in the lifecycle of software development.

Though, IT Product Managers do not have to perform all the coding tasks themselves. But they are responsible to keep up with the team and maintain productivity.

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2. IT Support Specialist (Rs 5L-10Lp.a)

The Support Specialist in IT works to assist customers and users that how to install new technology, tools, and software. IT Support Specialist helps users to familiarize their innovative creations by resolving their doubts and queries.

The IT Support Specialist’s career moreover resembles that closely a customer support executive . The candidate should have communication and interpersonal skills in data restoration, software, and hardware with patience.

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3. UX Designer (Rs. 5L-15Lp.a)

UX Designers usually research from the perspective of users. UX designers aim to create the best feel for a website or mobile app, making sure that everything works as it should. Although, UX Designers don’t need coding to design applications or websites. Designers do need skills in programs like Adobe Creative Suite.

“It is about looking at the digital technology from the user’s perspective,” says Drew Falkman, director of the strategy at a tech consulting company. They believe in soft skills like creativity, research, and problem-solving to create designs that are helpful for users.


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4. Software Quality Tester (Rs. 3L-8Lp.a)

The Software Quality Tester assures that the software products are extremely productive and high quality before the launch of the product. This job role is associated with investigating to serve quality assurance.

The SQTs do not require any knowledge of programming and coding. This job profile can be done by focusing on customers’ scenarios likely to investigate the fault in software and update it to the user.

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5. SEO Specialist (Rs. 3L-9Lp.a)

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Specialists particularly optimize the website for search engines. SEO Specialist’s job role is to generate traffic on the website to rank the highest on the search engines. SEO experts work with developers and web designers to ensure that SEO best practices are followed :

  • Pay-Per-Click campaigns to track and evaluate website analytics.
  • Keyword Optimization to relate with your target audience.
  • Improve rankings on search engines by optimizing landing pages.
  • Create and update content according to the latest trends.

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We have served you the best IT jobs without programming. If you find this blog helpful, kindly share it with your friends and loved ones.








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