Hello Folks! Learn, win prizes and get even more off the ground! Join google Earn And Learn Google Arcade Program in The Arcade’s latest ways to learn new skills with Google Cloud Skills Boost. Play a fun game every week and watch your badge collection grow. You’ll get hands-on experience with techs like Looker, BigQuery, Kubernetes, Vertex AI and more. And the best part? Each badge gets you a point (or more!) for the prize counter opening in December.

Keep an eye on the post for updates on the challenge so that you won’t miss anything.

The Arcade from Google Cloud

Google is a free arcade program in which you can earn free Google Cloud badges. The more Google Cloud badges you earn, the more points you accumulate on this arcade program. If you redeem your points for prizes at the prize counter, then you can use those points to buy some fun toys for your children!

1. GO! A startup and growth mindset challenge

Are you ready to grow? We’re challenging you and your team to build a successful startup – and we need your help. Join us for two weeks of growth and learning, with hands-on mentoring from entrepreneurs, mathematicians, and developers. If you’re interested in entrepreneurship, leadership, and technology, GO! is the right challenge for you. We’re launching Earn And Learn Google Arcade Program, a two-round startup-focused challenge that will dig deep into career-building skillsets to help you think outside the box and create your own opportunities.

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Earn And Learn Google Free

What you get is as follows:

Learn and Earn is a free Arcade Program, offering you no-cost access to valuable learning resources. Challenge Labs are games that teach you how to solve real-world problems.

All labs are free, but if you want the badge to show off your achievements, they’re available on the rewards tab of the Learn and Earn website

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Earn And Learn Google Free

To participate, follow these steps:
  1. Join the game
  2. use the Code to join 1q-startups-22
  3. The team names were provided by @yvssairam, @jmigowski, and @theyashsisodiya. (You can’t change teams so choose carefully!)
  4. Set up a lab and get playing! There are some items in the game that are not available. In the coming weeks, each of them will be activated.
  5. You can find your fake startup’s thread in the Google Cloud Community. Meet your teammates and get to know them! For fun only (completely optional)

Earn And Learn Google Free

2. Qwiklabs Trivia September 2022

This program is a way for you to earn badges by completing fun beginner-level tasks. Doing these activities will help you learn about cloud computing and show off your new skills. When you complete this activity, you can earn the badge displayed above! View all the badges you have earned by visiting your profile page. Boost your cloud career by showing the world the skills you have developed!

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An overview of eligibility criteria

If you are looking for a way to earn from home, then this is the challenge you were waiting for. The Google Free Learn And Earn Arcade Program is a learning program that includes multiple options such as games and quizzes. Anyone can join with no age limits or literacy requirements.

Earn And Learn Google Free

Get free swag

Yes, it is true. Google offers you Free Swags with their Learn and Earn rewards program. This program will reward you for using their services. In return, you get Water Bottles, Journals, Diaries, Hoodies, and more!

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Google Arcade Challenge: How to Apply?

Official Program List Click Here

Activate Arcade for your account in order to play Click Here

For Joining September month Startup Challenge Click Here

For Joining September Month Trivia Challenge Click Here

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