We are living in an age that provides a plethora of chances to anybody who is ready to put in the effort to upskill and acquire new technology. Computer-related abilities are in high demand on the job market, and they are required in practically every business.


Whether you’re starting out in your profession, seeking to bolster your resume, or just looking to remain on top of technological developments, any of these 10 free technology courses from SkillUp by Simplilearn will help you achieve your goals without spending a fortune.

Cloud Computing

Introduction To Cloud Computing

This free online course on cloud computing introduces students to the fundamentals as well as more advanced topics. Understand cloud environment, applications, hosting, and other aspects of the cloud. Become familiar with the principles of cloud computing and the cloud computing ecosystem, as well as the essential ideas of  Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

Cyber Security

Ethical Hacking For Beginners

Become familiar with the essential ideas of ethical hacking with this free online course. It will expose you to the many sorts of ethical hackers as well as ethical hacking tools available. Ethical hackers are provided access to a network in order to find security flaws in the infrastructure. Taking this course is an excellent first step toward becoming a trusted cybersecurity expert.

Introduction To Cyber Security

This cyber security course will teach you the fundamentals of cyber security. The goal of this course is to introduce students to the current state of cyber security and the necessary tools for assessing and managing security measures in information systems for those who have no prior experience. Recovery plans and business impact assessments may also be performed in this course.


GIT Training

Learn the fundamentals of GIT with this thorough training from Simplilearn. You will learn about the three-stage process in GIT, as well as how to set up GIT on your system, by completing the GIT fundamentals program. In addition, you will learn how to construct branches and monitor files, as well as how to establish a repository in Github, GIT, and other popular software.

Software Development

Blockchain Developer

You will become proficient in the fundamentals of blockchain technology, as well as Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in this course on Blockchain Fundamentals. Develop your understanding of blockchain and its fundamental platforms, while also becoming proficient with critical tools like Ganache, MetaMask,  Truffle, and Geth. The Hyperledger Composer tool will also allow you to develop applications using Ethereum and build up a tiny private network.

Full Stack Development For Beginners

Take advantage of this online course to study Full Stack Development, which will help you grasp the fundamentals as well as the more advanced features of both the back-end and the front-end techniques. To complete this full-stack development training, you will learn about platforms like Git Command, NodeJS, Angular, and Maven. You will also learn how to use Jenkins.

Introduction To SQL

Learn SQL and get a functional understanding of the programming language that is used to create relational database management systems (RDBMS). MySQL, SQL Server, and  PostgreSQL are just a few of the subjects that will be covered in the Introduction to SQL program, as well as built-in SQL operations, connections, and subqueries configuration files.

Java Training

A strong foundation in Java programming, as well as job-ready abilities, are the goals of this free Java course. Become familiar with the JDBC and JUnit technologies, as well as the operators, arrays, methods,  loops,  and constructors included in Core Java 8. If you want to get your foot in the door as Java Developers will find the course to be an excellent starting point.

Programming With Python 3.X

It’s never too early to learn how to code in Python with this beginner-friendly course. It will help you learn the fundamentals of Python programming. In addition, you’ll get experience with directories and classes, as well as error detection and correction.

Python For Beginners

In this free Python beginners course, you’ll learn the fundamentals as well as more advanced topics. Among the topics, you’ll cover all data types and variables, as well as lists,  dictionaries, tuples, and statements for making decisions and loops. Learn how to employ user-defined procedures, object-oriented computing, networking, and Python programming. This online Python course will teach you all you need to go forward as a Python programmer.


In order to help tech-enthusiasts and aspirants, Simplilearn has introduced Skill-up platform that offers a variety of free courses across various domains. These free programs range from business intelligence to software development, and cloud computing to AI. These comprehensive courses are created by industry experts and come with several free guides on career paths, salaries, interview tips, and more. Explore the Skill-Up platform and start your tech learning journey with Simplilearn!

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