In the recent few years, the graphics and designing industry has seen growth in multiple folds. Nowadays, using graphics is not only limited to visuals but also includes audio, special effects and many more exciting features. These highly evolved and amazing graphics are the efforts of a Motion Graphics Designer/ Artist. If you are inspired by such creative works and are on the way to becoming a motion graphics artist,  then it becomes important to understand the fundamentals of it thoroughly and learn things with patience. 

One way to learn graphic design and become a motion graphics artist is to enroll at a college and dedicate yourself to learning it. But this is not the only way to become a motion graphics designer, another route to pursue it is enrolling in the online premium courses offered by the various online educational platforms. If you are looking forward to the best courses in the field, then sit back and relax. For your ease, here we have mentioned 3 premium Motion Graphics courses that can help you in your journey of becoming a motion graphics artist. Stay connected till the end to know more about these courses. 

3 Premium Courses to become a Motion Graphics Artist

Graphics Design Specialization by CalArts 

Offered by The California Institute of the Arts and is available on Coursera

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics Specialization Course

The Graphics Designing Course co-offered by Coursera and the California Institute of the Arts is aimed at beginners and teaches them the fundamentals of designing needed to make an individual a sophisticated designer. 

The bundled course has five branches including: 

  • Introductory fundamentals of designing. 
  • Topography
  • Imagemaking
  • History of Graphic Design
  • Capstone

All the first four branches culminate in the final branch Capstone in which the learner gets an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skills in a project which is a brand development guide for a company that they have to make. However, only the students who have got a certificate in the first four branches are allowed to take up the Capstone branch. 

The course educators are the prestigious faculty of California Institute of the Arts which is a world-famous Arts School offering over 70-degree programs in all fields of Arts and Designing. The course has video lectures, Creative Prompts, Homework Assignments and other additional materials. 

The Key Highlights of the program are:

  1. Aimed at beginners meaning that even the individuals with no idea of the field and who wish to start learning designing can take up the program. This program serves as a great founding stone for such people. 
  2. The program takes you through every process starting from ideation to presenting it in the final form. 
  3. Teaches interface and editorial designing and motion graphics. 
  4. Gives individuals an opportunity to develop a full-fledged project. 
  5. Practical assignments to implement the knowledge.
  6. Makes an individual a motion graphics designer in 6 months.

Graphic Design Elements for Non-Designers

Offered by the University of Colorado Boulder and available on Coursera

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics by Coursera

Offered by the renowned University of Colorado Boulder, the course focuses on the basic graphic design elements, images, color theory, techniques for creating an effective design layout and publication designing.This courses takes you through topography, importance of brainstorming, creative process, critique designing in a professional setting, etc. 

The course is further divided into four subcategories. These include: 

  1. The first branch of the course is based on the designing principles, basic elements of designing and the basics of softwares used for designing.
  2. Next branch is mainly focused on graphical elements of designing which includes color theory and types of images required for the print and digital designing.
  3. The third branch aims at teaching textual elements of graphics designing which includes fonts, pacing, topography, etc.
  4. The fourth and last part of the course teaches digital and print elements of designing and train students on making print mediums such as brochures, logos and other large print projects.

Key Highlights of the program are: 

  • Learning design principles and strategies.
  • Studying designing layout and conceptual elements of a designing project. 
  • Techniques for working and communicating with fellow graphics designers and professionals. 
  • Access to video lectures and discussion forums and assignments to implement learning practically. 
  • A learned sophisticated designer in just 3 months. 

Graphic Design Masterclass

    Offered by Udemy

    Motion Graphics

    Motion Graphics Course by Udemy

    The Graphic Design Masterclass by Lindsay Marsh is one of the bestselling graphics designing courses offered by Udemy. Aimed at teaching designing even to the non-designers, the course teaches beginners as well as intermediate learners. 

    The course also offers designing techniques in different niches. Some of the niches covered under the course are logo design, pattern design and illustration, print and editorial design, ux/ui design, branding design, social media design, etc. The course also has some useful resources that can be downloaded for future use. 

    Key highlights include:

    1. Learning essential tools and softwares of designing. 
    2. Learning entire designing process. 
    3. Understanding designing principles. 
    4. Access to video content and other downloadable resources. 

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