About the Certification Course offered by Coursera

With more than 40 thousand enrolments, the certification course offered by Coursera gives you hands-on creating resumes and cover letters. It teaches making resumes and cover letters from scratch and till the very end using Google Docs. ‘How top create a resume and cover letter’ course is available for all and free of cost. 

Overview of the course

  • Time duration: 2 hours
  • Course delivery format: Pre-recorded videos
  • Course language: English
  • Difficulty level: Basic/ Beginner
  • Can be accessed on: Desktop

Link to the course: https://www.coursera.org/projects/create-resume-cover-letter-google-docs

What you will learn?

In this guided course, you will: 

  • Creating a resume
  • Creating a cover letter
  • Printing or saving documents to the file
  • Showcasing this experience during the interview

The course is divided into three sections in which the first section focuses on the fundamental tips of creating resumes and cover letters and adding information. The second section focuses on designing and looks part of it and the last part will teach how to save documents or convert them from one format to the other. 

Step-by-Step learning in the Free Certification Course by Coursera

In the video lectures of the course, the instructor will guide you through: 

  1. Fine and Review Parts of a Resume Template.
  2. Fill in Contact Information and Summary.
  3. Fill in Work Experience.
  4. Filling in Education Information.
  5. Fill in Additional Information.
  6. Add References Information.
  7. Add page numbers.
  8. Apply Text Format Changes and Adjustments.
  9. Find a Cover Letter Template and Complete it.
  10. Print and Save Document to a File.

If you are on the way to creating a resume or cover letter, then this free certification course offered by Coursera is recommended.

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