If you’re from a coding or IT background, you must know about geeks for geeks. This is a fantastic website for people preparing for software engineering and coding or who want to get a job at companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, etc.

But today we’re going to talk about the “Geek-O-lympics Contest”. This is a contest that is launched by GeeksforGeeks(GFC). In this contest, you’ll get a chance to participate in different events. You can get a job on Amazon through this contest and apart from this, you can earn Amazon vouchers, swags, etc. Stick to the article till the end and you’ll know everything about it.

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What is Geek-O-lympics?

Geek-O-lympics is an event by GeeksforGeeks. During this event, you can code by playing some cool contests or games and win exciting prizes. This event will be live till 31st Jul. So, if you haven’t checked it yet then go ahead and check it out.

You’ll also get opportunities to buy any course of your choice at very high discounts. That’s not the end. You can even earn geek bits by playing their contests which you can redeem to get amazon vouchers, discount coupons, swags, etc.

Geek-O-lympics Events

Geek-O-lympics Contest

Here are the events of the Geek-O-lympics as mentioned on their website. As you can see there are 4 major events. Let’s talk about this one by one.

  • Easiest Coding Challenge: This event is for those who are just getting started with coding. While you’re still in school, you can showcase your coding abilities here. Everyone has the opportunity to improve here and is rewarded for doing so. On July 16, 2022, observe the contest.
  • Geek Streak: Do you have the knowledge and abilities to code nonstop for 24 days? If that’s the case, you can practice coding every day while making money.
  • Interview Series: Getting through the coding interview is no easy task. Every Sunday, the top tech companies make an Interview Series available to help you prepare for the coding round.
  • 24 Hrs Doubt Marathon: Coding cannot exist in the absence of uncertainties! But don’t be upset. For the first time, you will have 24-hour access to GeeksforGeeks mentors, who will answer all of your questions live on YouTube.
  • Job-A-Thon: Getting your dream job via a hiring competition? Is it that difficult? Not. Participating in our Job-A-Thon series will allow you to land your dream job at GEEK-O-LYMPICS fiesta (powered by Amazon). The competition will last 2.5 hours and be divided into five parts on July 5, 2022. You will have a chance to land your dream job if you complete the contest before the deadline.

There is one more event named “Multiverse of Memes”. This can be an interesting event if you’re a designer or a meme designer and have a lot of creativity inside you.

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Geek-O-lympics Contest

This is a contest where they will give you a meme template and you have to design it and submit it before the given deadline. And if your meme gets selected, you will get 1000 rupees Amazon Vouchers.

These are the major events of this contest but there is a lot more in this contest that you should explore. You can get daily discounts and offers on various courses by doing nothing. Also, they are providing you DSA Cheat code for absolutely free. Click the link below to check out the offer page and register.

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