Are you unemployed? And also looking for work. Or You just want to learn and develop new skills to get a job. And if your answer is “Yes”. Then, this article is definitely for you.

TCS Career Enhancement Programme

In this article, we’ll be sharing an opportunity to learn about various personality development courses by TCS. And Guess the best part? You can even get a certificate after the successful completion of each course.

Read the Complete Article to get to know about it in detail.

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About TCS Career Enhancement Programme in Detail

TCS Career Enhancement Programme

TCS has launched an overall Personality development Program that has 9 different courses which will help you to learn various soft skills. You’ll be learning about communication skills, email writing skills, resume making, etc. And much more. We’ll talk about the Course content below.

This 9-week program will help you learn various skills which will help you to grow as an individual. And the best part of this course is you’ll get 9 certifications for 9 different premium courses. This certificate will help you get a job or you can use it in your LinkedIn Profile to increase your chances to get a job as well. All the skills which you’ll learn focus on Personality Development. So, you can say it Personality Development Package by TCS.

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Course Content

  • Business Etiquette: Learn basics about business etiquette for Business and Work.
  • Communication Skill: Get Knowledge about communicating effectively.
  • E-mail Etiquette: Learn about writing effective emails.
  • Group Discussion: Know about handling and winning Group Discussion Technique.
  • Interview Skills: Learn to ace any Interview.
  • Introduction to Soft Skills: Know the importance of Soft Skills in our Life.
  • Presentation Skills: Learn to make perfect and impactful presentations.
  • Resume Writing and Cover Letter: Get the Practical Knowledge of making a winning Resume.
  • Telephone Etiquette: Learn about the established telephone etiquette.

Additional Information

  • Course Duration: 9 Weeks
  • Language: English
  • Course Format: Online Self-Paced.

Some Course Benefits:

  • Overall Personality Development.
  • Writing Effective email which will help you lifelong.
  • Communication skills, which is undoubtedly the most used skills on daily basis.
  • Taking part in group discussions.

Who would benefit?

  • School or College Students.
  • People who are unemployed and looking for employment.
  • Working Professionals and Business Persons.

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Here, we’ve talked about TCS Career Enhancement Programme. This program is an overall personality development package that you should do to learn 9 different soft skills to ace and get your desired career.

The best part is that you’ll get free certifications for all the courses you’ll do. You don’t have to complete all 9 different courses to get the certificate instead you’ll get a certificate for every course you’ll gonna complete. Register today by the given link!

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