Marketing is something that we all are aware of. Without marketing, a company, agency, or business can’t get sales. It’s a fundamental part of growing a business or making money. And, it’s booming these days as well! You can even be a millionaire with just the knowledge of marketing or Digital Marketing.

Resources to Learn Digital Marketing

Experts like, Neil Patel, Brian Dean, and Nathan Gotch have already earned a lot of money with their killer tactics and knowledge in these fields. And if marketing also excites you then, you should make it your profession. But, the problem arises in learning these skills.

So, we’re here for you to tell the best free Digital marketing resources to learn in 2022. In some of the resources, you’ll be learning from the experts listed above, such as Neil Patel and Brian Dean. Read out this post completely and at the end, you’ll have an in-detailed Digital Marketing Course in your hands.

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5 Free Resources to Learn Digital Marketing

Resources to Learn Digital Marketing

The internet has not lacked several free courses on digital Marketing instead they’re lacking the best and most informative courses or content. But, still, we’ve come across the best courses for you which are not only the best on the internet but also give you the most valuable knowledge as well.

Starting the List with number one, which is :

1. Digital Marketing Training [By Neil Patel]

Resources to Learn Digital Marketing

Neil Patel is the guy who doesn’t need any introduction. He has done fascinating work in the Digital Marketing and SEO field. He has multiple blogs, a digital marketing agency, and an SEO tool, Ubersuggest. He is earning more than $381,772 per month with his single blog only. And he has written it in his blog himself.

He can do these all by using the knowledge of SEO and Digital Marketing. How would it be if he’ll teach you about Digital Marketing? Great! right? So, there’s good news for you. He has his academy where he teaches these all for absolutely free.

There are 10+ Courses listed on his academy. This includes an SEO course, Instagram and Facebook Growth Course, YouTube Marketing/Growth Course, etc.

Resources to Learn Digital Marketing

You can choose any course which you want. All the courses are rich in content and taught by the expert himself. After doing the courses, you’ll be motivated enough to start your own Digital Marketing journey. Check out the Courses Today.

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2. HubSpot Academy

Resources to Learn Digital Marketing

HubSpot Academy offers you a lot of digital Marketing courses with in-detailed content in it. The best part of this academy is, that all the courses are free and you’ll also get a HubSpot certification in some of the courses.

They have great recognition in the Digital Marketing field. So, the certification you’ll get helps you to reach more jobs and apply for higher positions as well. You can use it in your resume or your LinkedIn profile.

And, Guess What? They offer you certification in their Digital Marketing Course as well.

Additional Benefits:

  • 30+ Video Lectures
  • 9 Lessons
  • 10+ Quizzes
  • Free Certification

This is a great course by HubSpot Academy on Digital Marketing. You don’t even need any prior knowledge to start this course. Enrol Today by clicking the link below.

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3. SEMrush Academy

If you have ever been in the Digital Marketing space then, you must have familiar with the name “SEMrush”. It’s a great keyword research tool used by a lot of SEO experts and all. But, now they’re allowing all the learners out there to learn digital marketing at no cost.

SEO experts like Brian Dean and Grig Gifford will be your instructor on various courses. There are a lot of other benefits as well which you can see in the image below.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this SEMrush course will help both. And there are a lot of upcoming courses as well.

We would highly recommend you to enrol in this free course as soon as possible and start learning Today and Get the certificate. Click the link below to enrol.

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4. Backlinko

If you’re reading this article then you must have listened to the name “Brian Dean” a few times. So, here is his very own blog “Backlinko”. He shares his actionable tips and tricks to grow & rank on Google. He is himself an SEO expert and helped many people to grow their blogs and businesses as well.

Many businesses consult him to bring more sales. Even, Forbes said him an “SEO expert.” He has grown his multiple businesses in a record time and you can too. Just follow the actionable tips, he shares in his blog and you’ll be motivated enough to learn more about SEO and Digital Marketing.

Not only SEO, but he has also done tremendous work in E-mail marketing, YouTube Marketing, etc. He is a Digital Marketing Genius. So, you definitely should not miss his articles. He also has a YouTube channel which is worth checking out.

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5. Ahrefs Academy

Like SEMrush, ahrefs is also a keyword Research tool which is amazing. And as their tool, their courses are also amazing. They have been in Digital Marketing and SEO space for decades. So, you can’t ignore their courses.

They mainly focus on SEO but will give you an overall idea of Digital Marketing but their SEO courses are enough to make you an SEO expert. In their course, they offer certifications as well.

Here are all the courses they’re currently offering in their academy. Apart from SEO, they have an in-detailed blogging course as well. So, check these out. Click the link below to check out the courses.

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So, these are some resources to learn Digital Marketing. All the resources here are the best and taught by experts in their fields. So now, it’s conclusion time.

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We’ve reached the end! Here we’ve discussed the various digital marketing resources. Here, you can learn the major Digital Marketing terms like SEO, E-mail Marketing, Blogging, YouTube Marketing, etc.

Check out every course and choose the one which suits you the best. Best of luck with starting your new journey!

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