Learning anything from big companies and universities is too costly to afford. Isn’t it? But, what if I say that you can learn In-demand skills (Such as Machine learning and AI, Cybersecurity ) from IBM, Stanford, Microsoft, etc. And also You don’t have to spend a rupee to learn these skills. Then wouldn’t it be great?

AICTE Free Courses

We’re going to tell you about AICTE free Courses. And you know the best part here? If you’re already skilled, you can apply for thousands of Internships and Apprenticeships. ( Paid & Unpaid both).

This is a fantastic opportunity for all the students and unemployed people out there who are willing to learn new skills or want to earn a little bit. And even if you work in an unpaid internship, you’ll get the practical knowledge of working through skills in the real world which will help you to get high-paying jobs.

Keep Reading the article till last and you’ll know everything about it.

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About AICTE Courses & Internship in Detail.

AICTE Free Courses

AICTE (All India Council For Technical Education) has launched free courses along with Microsoft, Stanford, IBM, etc. They are providing free courses to learn In-demand skills to increase employment in our Country. All the courses, internships, and Apprenticeships are going to help over 1 crore+ students.

They are not only providing you with free courses but if you’re already skilled or you can refine your skill then there are a lot of internships and apprenticeships to help you to make some money.

There are a lot of courses from several branches such as CS, EE, Civil, Chemical, Electronics, and Communications engineering from leading businesses like IBM, AWS, Microsoft, Stanford University, Data Tech Labs, Skyfi Labs, IT-ITeS SSC NASSCOM, etc.

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Additional Benefits :

Since it is launched by the Government of India along with their partner, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, skill India, NASSCOM, etc. There are a bunch of benefits you’ll get with this program:

  • Learn In-demand skills by Big Companies for free!
  • Opportunity for you to work with companies like Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, etc. as an Intern.
  • You’ll be provided with an internship certificate by the companies after completion of the Internship.
  • You can also get a long-term Job through their “Apprenticeships” Section.

Apart from these listed benefits, you’re getting an opportunity to learn a lot of high-paying skills Such as:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Python
  • AR/VR
  • Cybersecurity, etc.

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So Finally, you’ve reached the end! Here we’ve talked about AICTE free courses and Internship opportunities. You can check it out by clicking the link above. Just click and fill in the basic details to access your desired course. Best of Luck!

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