Hello there, if you’re familiar with frontend development, you’re probably aware that React.js is one of the most widely used Javascript libraries for creating user interfaces. So, here we’ll be going to tell you some of the best React free courses. It’s backed by Facebook, and it’s frequently considered a Google-friendly alternative to the Angular framework.

React Free Courses

React is also extremely adaptable, quick to learn, and enjoyable to use. The React framework is designed to simplify the process of creating modular, reusable user interface components straightforward and intuitive, which is why it is used in the majority of modern GUI and web apps.

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Top 5 React Free Courses Online

React Free Courses

Here’s a list of some of the best free React web development classes I’ve found. These classes are free, but they’re a terrific way to gain a quick understanding of React and get started on your adventure. After completing these courses, you should be able to use React in your project with ease.

1. React and Redux Masterclass

React Free Courses

This course goes deeper into React and you’ll learn about things like

  • Components
  • JSX
  • State
  • Events
  • Forms

You’ll also learn how to use React containers to combine stateless views with stateless reducers, making your apps more testable and reusable (decoupled).

2. React.js: Getting Started

React Free Courses

Pluralsight offers excellent training on the fundamentals of React.js. This course prepares students to use the React JS library to create web applications.

React.js is an open-source JavaScript toolkit for designing user interfaces with an emphasis on the UI that is abstracted from the DOM and one-way reactive data flow, in case you didn’t know.

The course will demonstrate how to use React.js in your web application using an example web application.

3. Front-End Web Development with React

If you’ve never done anything with React before and want to learn how it all works and how to get started, this is the course for you.

You’ll learn about React components in general, as well as the React router and how to utilize it to create single-page applications. You’ll also learn how to create controlled shapes. The Flux architecture and Redux will be covered.

4. React Fundamentals

React Free Courses

This is yet another great free Udemy course for learning React technology from the ground up. This course examines the capabilities provided by React and describes their benefits and drawbacks in comparison to other popular solutions.

It also delves into crucial subjects such as React’s one-way reactive data flow, the virtual DOM, and the JSX markup syntax.

5. React JS Frontend Web Development for Beginners

Another free React course for beginners is this one. You’ll master the fundamentals of React JS and Modern JavaScript in this course, so you can start creating lightning-fast web apps using React JS.

This course will teach you Modern JavaScript and React JS from the ground up. You’ll learn how to use AJAX to retrieve data from a remote API and display it in your web app.

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That concludes a list of some of the greatest free React JS courses. React is a Facebook-backed framework that competes with Google’s Angular framework. React is a vital framework to master if you’re serious about web development this time.


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