Hello there, if you want to learn Cloud Computing in 2022 (which is in-demand!!) and are seeking the greatest free resources, such as online courses, to get started, you’ve come to the perfect place. Today I’ll present free Cloud Computing courses for beginners.

Free Courses to learn Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows anybody to deploy programs to take advantage of computing resources such as CPU, storage, networking, security, analytics, and other software platforms through the internet and does so at a significantly reduced cost due to economies of scale.

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Free Courses to learn Cloud Computing

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1. Cloud Computing With Amazon Web Services

Let’s start with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is the most popular cloud service provider used by major corporations such as Netflix, LinkedIn, and Twitch. This online course contains about three hours of video content and over 5,000 students enrolled.

The course begins with an overview of AWS services before moving on to practical lessons on how to construct an EC2 instance for hosting your web application. After that, you’ll learn about S3 cloud storage, which allows you to store your files and data in the cloud.

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2. Introduction to Cloud Computing 

If you only want to understand cloud computing theoretically rather than practically, you might want to check out this IBM cloud computing introduction course on the Coursera platform. The course, which is part of a series, has nearly 15,000 students enrolled.

The course begins with an overview of cloud computing’s growth as well as the various cloud deployment models, such as Saas, Iaas, and Paas.
Then there’ll be serverless computing and microservices, as well as cloud computing architecture and virtualization like virtual machines. Finally, several cloud security lessons, including identity management, access management, and cloud encryption.

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3. GCP — Google Cloud Platform Concepts 

Free Courses to learn Cloud Computing

Another well-known cloud computing service is Google Cloud Platform (GCP), which is used by prominent organizations like Spotify and Snapchat. This is undoubtedly the best free course on Udemy, with 6 hours of video content and over 41k students enrolled, which is quite impressive.

Begin by familiarizing yourself with the Google Cloud Platform’s fundamentals, such as storage, databases, and compute services.

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4. Learning Microsoft Azure

Free Courses to learn Cloud Computing

As I previously stated, there are several cloud services with a solid reputation, one of which is Microsoft Azure. This short and free training will teach you how to utilize this service and familiarise yourself with its features and infrastructure.

The course is short, with only one hour of video content, and it will introduce you to Microsoft Azure and what you need to know about it before you start using it.

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5. Cloud Computing Full Course In 11 Hours 

Free Courses to learn Cloud Computing

Edureka, a major online learning platform specializing in online classroom training, is offering a free, comprehensive 10-hour course on Cloud Computing for Beginners.
The course is available for free on YouTube.

This Cloud Computing Full Course will go further into concepts such as Cloud Services and Deployment Models, as well as the principles of AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform with practical application. This article will go over the following pointers.

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That is the list of free Cloud Computing Courses for Beginners in 2022. These free online courses are arguably the best way to get started in the cloud computing sector or simply to grasp the theory behind how these technologies work and the benefits they provide in today’s digital environment.

After completing one of these courses, you will be aware of basic Cloud concerts and will have a better idea of how the cloud works as well as how to design and deploy your solution using various cloud services.


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