Guess What? I know your story. You’re the person who is looking to earn money online and not finding an easy & worthy way to make money. And also you want to work part-time. Because you can’t do it full time due to your job, studies or etc. 

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Am I right? So, if you’re in this case then listen, stick to this post till the very end. Here we’re going to talk about making money with canva. Mmmmm, you don’t know what canva is? I got it. Don’t worry, we’ll be telling you the basics. From what is canva to making money with it. 

What actually is Canva?

Canva: Design, Photo & Video on the App Store

So, Canva is a great alternative to photoshop. Yes, all the features are not the same. Here, I am not comparing canva with photoshop because photoshop is way better than canva. But, there are a lot of benefits/reasons to use canva:

  • Canva is free to use.
  • You can use it in your browsers.
  • You can create beautiful posters & designs with canva.
  • Really simple to use!
  • You can start designing with no prior knowledge.

So, let me clarify that we don’t get any money from canva to say all this. Yes, canva is a really useful online tool. We also use it in our day-to-day tasks. It is an online designing tool that you can use to design beautiful posters, reels, banners, logos, etc. 

3 Manners to Make money with Canva

There is a lot of ways from which you can make money with Canva. But, here we’re going to discuss the top 3 ways to make money with canva. Here are the ways :

#1: Job or Internships

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See, canva can be used in various digital works like making Instagram carousels, Instagram posts, youtube thumbnails, FB posts, logos, posters, etc. Various digital agencies need this type of service for their clients and you can fulfill their needs as a canva designer. 

This is the first way to make money with canva. You’ll definitely get 5K-15K per month depending upon your experience and work. If you really want to get a job in this field then you have to learn canva in such a depth way. You also have to make some designs to show them as your previous works.

Definitely, you don’t need any years of experience but you have to design some of the design to show them what you can do for yourself and why you’re the best for this role.

#2: Freelancing

Freelance Freelancing Freelancer - Free image on Pixabay

Now, this is the topic that makes the internet flooded. Everyone is talking about earning money from freelancing everywhere. But, here we will not make you feel bored. We’ll be telling you about freelancing here with a twist. 

In this field of freelancing, the competition is very low and you’ll not need any prior experience at all. You can easily charge from $5 to $20 Per design at first. And then, as you gain more experience you can increase your rates. You won’t believe but people are charging $40 for 2-3 designs in canva.

Another option here is, you can make canva templates that brands and people will edit at their convenience. The best part of designing canva templates is you can sell the same template to a lot of people and it’ll also save your effort and time a lot.

#3: Become a Canva Creator

Make Money with Canva

What can be better than earning on the same platform you’ll use for work? And here, canva gives you an opportunity to earn money by becoming a canva creator. Here you’ll be designing templates for canva itself and when people use it or buy the template from the site, you’ll get paid.

It’s simple yet easy work to do if you’re looking for a part-time job. If you want to earn money by becoming a creator in canva then you can definitely check out the official page to learn how to do so? Here’s the link.

3 Free Courses to Learn Canva

So, we’ve already discussed that how you can actually make money with canva but here are some of the courses to learn canva in more a detailed way. These courses are pretty useful and also available for free.

#1: Canva for Beginners

Make Money with Canva

Guess what? This course is offered by canva themself for absolutely free. In this free course, you’ll learn canva in a depth way because who knows canva more than their creator. You’ll be touching each and every aspect in this course.

With over 60K+ students, this is the best course to learn canva for you. Go ahead and grab this amazing free course for free before it goes.

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#2: Graphics Designing with Canva

Make Money with Canva

If you’re looking for a course in Hindi then this learnvern course this you. In this course, you’ll be learning all the important tools and tactics of canva. It’s an end-to-end course to give you complete knowledge about canva.

The best part is this course is available in Hindi. So, if you’re not comfortable with the English language then you should check out this course. You’ll also be getting a certificate upon completion. 

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#3: Social Media Content Creation in Canva

Make Money with Canva

Our list can’t be completed without skillshare courses. And here we have got a canva course by skillshare. This course will teach you about social media creation in canva from beginner to advanced.

The educator is herself a digital marketer and we never question the quality that skillshares provide because we all know how it is. There are projects included in this course as well for you to practice. So, check out this course today.

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Canva is the best and easy tool to design infographics, posters, and many more. Here we’ve discussed making money with canva. Also, we’ve told you the best 3 free courses to learn canva.

We really hope you’ve liked the article and also the three ways to make money with canva. Comment down your favorite way of making money and also the courses you like the most. Best of luck with starting your new journey!


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