In this article, we’re going to talk about the skills to build passive income. It can be a terrific strategy to help you generate extra cash flow, whether you have a side job or are just looking for a little extra money each month. Passive income might help you earn more during good times and tide you over if you become abruptly unemployed or willingly take time off from work.

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All the skills we’re going to talk about today for building passive income are future proof and the best part is not that we’ll be telling you the best skills. But also we’ll be mentioning the best & free courses to learn the skills as well. Isn’t it making you excited? So, let’s start with the first skill to build passive income.

5 Skills to Build Passive Income

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#1: Content Creation

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Now, here I want to ask you a question. How much content do you consume in a single day? Maybe you’re spending hours just watching videos and reading blogs. Hence, if you can consume content then you can make money from it too.

This one is the first skill in our best skills to build a passive income list. And it’s in boom as well. People love watching videos and consuming content online. You won’t believe it but many of the content creators are earning in crores. It’s strange but true. Creating content includes: making youtube videos, creating blog posts, designing social media posts, etc.

Where to Learn?

As promised, here we’re with the best course to tell you to learn about content creation. This course is offered by Hubspot, which is leading the digital marketing and content creating space for years.

There are six courses in total in this content creation course. After doing all the courses here, you’ll be good to go for building a passive income stream through content creation. 

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#2: Video Editing

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So, video editing is one of those skills which never gets out of the list. We’ve already told you above how rapidly video content consumption is growing day by day. So, video editing is used to provide the best video quality and to make it even more amazing and engaging.

If you develop your video editing skill day by day from today then you’ll be able to charge even 100$/hour in just 2-3 months. In this field, you can earn a lot of money and also it has a lot of potential which will gonna definitely increase in the future.

Where to Learn?

The most popular tool that is used by professional video editors around the globe is adobe premiere pro. And here we’ve found the best and worthy course to learn this skill for free. In this mentioned youtube playlist you’ll learn everything about premiere pro.

In this field, you’ve to keep in mind that practice and more practice can make you successful in this field. Video editing is a skill that will definitely improve day by day. So, instead of finding a lot of various free and paid courses, you should pick one worthy course and practice as more as you want.

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#3: Canva Designing 

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See, everything is interlinked in this digital world. In the very first point, we’ve told you that content creation can be the best way for you to build passive income. So, if someones want to be in the content creation field then they will definitely need a thumbnail designer or featured image designer etc.

Here’s the design that comes into the picture. You can make their thumbnail, posters, logos, etc by using a free and easy-to-use drag-and-drop designing tool Canva. You can easily charge for about $10-$20 per thumbnail or post you create.

Where to Learn?

So, what if we’ve told you that you’ll learn the canva designing from the experts themself, It will be more interesting. Right? Here we’re the best and free youtube playlist that teaches you about canva from scratch.

With almost 50+ videos, you’ll be going to cover each and every aspect of canva designing in this free playlist. The content is truly worth your time.

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#4: Digital Marketing

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Have you ever seen ads on google or youtube? Whether your answer will be yes or you haven’t used youtube yet. It seems funny but it’s true. Good and strategic marketing can make a business successful. Marketing, especially digital marketing is booming these days.

Digital marketing not only includes paid methods but also includes free methods of marketing but you can charge even $1000 for your service at a point. Online advertising is the favorite way of advertising for big brands, start-ups, and also for small businesses as well.

Where to Learn?

We’ve found a free Hindi youtube course by marketing funds. In this course, you’ll not gonna get anything left that you’ll not learn after following the whole video. It is approximately 28-20 hours long of video content.

We’re really impressed with the topics and length the instructor is covering in the course. You’ll definitely make your basics clear after going through the complete video. You’ll also become an expert once you start practicing and implementing what you’ll learn.

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Bonus Course: Digital Marketing complete course by Digiskills

#5: Stock Market

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The stock market, in its broadest sense, refers to the collection of exchanges and other places where shares of publicly traded firms are bought, sold, and issued. Such financial transactions are carried out through established official exchanges (whether physical or electronic) or over-the-counter (OTC) marketplaces that follow a set of rules.

You can profit from the stock market by investing in a variety of sectors. Aside from capital gains, you can also earn money through dividends paid to all shareholders by the company. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when investing in the stock market. Here’s the step-by-step guide on investing in the stock market.

Where to Learn?

Learning the stock market in such a detailed way is really important. If you’ll understand it in a depth way then you will reduce your chances to get lost from it. Yes, you’ll face losses but if you spent more and more time learning then you’ll definitely be able to make the most from it.

So, here are the courses from that will teach about the stock market terminologies in-depth and detailed way. Hence, it will cost you about 4000rs. but you’re our special reader.

We can’t let you go. Use coupon code “FZFACT” and you’ll be able to access the course worth INR 4000 for absolutely free. 

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Bonus Course: Learn How to Multiply your existing wealth in just 180 MinutesDigital Marketing complete course by Digiskills | Varun Malhotra


Passive income is really important to build to work freely and take unwanted leave. It helps you to make money when you’re sleeping as well. Here are the skills to build passive income. Not only the skills but also check out the courses we’ve listed along with the skills to learn it better.

Do you have any passive income streams now? Let us know in the comments.


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