Free Webinar on Cryptocurrency – The Right Approach to Trade


The adoption of cryptocurrencies has become mainstream – From payments to investment, from a medium-of-exchange to a store-of-value, we are seeing a lot of use-cases for thousands of cryptos. This webinar will talk about the security aspects of various blockchains, and what measures should be taken before indulging oneself in crypto. As the blockchain is an open, decentralized, ledger all transactions are open to the public, which means every crypto ever mined can be traced, tracked, and monitored. This webinar talks about securing oneself from the negative sides of cryptos and ensuring the participants are equipped with the right risk management practices.

The Objective of The Webinar

To understand the Regulatory, Compliance, Legal, Security & Risk Management aspects of Cryptocurrency Investments through Blockchain Analytics.

This webinar is recorded you can access it any time. 

Area – In Financial Markets

Language – English

Level – Intermediate


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Akand is an alumnus of IIT Madras and ISB Hyderabad. He currently leads the Business Strategy team at TRM Labs, a Blockchain Analytics firm. He is one of India’s foremost experts on crypto-crime, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. He has conducted numerous workshops for law enforcement agencies on how to detect, investigate and prevent crypto-crimes. He regularly posts insights on LinkedIn around the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies and crypto crime.


  • Anyone who is thinking of getting exposure to cryptocurrencies, to understand what precautions need to be taken before indulging in a new-age industry.




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