It’s easy to become confused when picking between online video editing courses. There’s so much to choose from that even getting started can be difficult. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, and the best course for you will be determined by your favorite software, budget, and learning style. So, to assist you in making your decision, we’ve compiled a list of the finest & free top 5 video editing courses available today.

video editing courses

There’s something for everyone here, so take in all of the information we’ve gathered and you’ll be sure to find what you’re searching for. When you’ve made your decision, we’ve also compiled a list of the best video editing software to get you started. But for now, keep reading for our list of the best online video editing courses available.

We’ve complied the courses in hindi language as well. So, if you don’t understand english and don’t worry, we’ve also some  courses for you.

Free Courses to learn Video editing

video editing courses

Well, this is the section you all are waiting for! Here we’re going to tell you the top 5 video editing courses for free in English as well as in Hindi. All the courses are in-detailed and taught in such a way that can make you a profitable one in just 2-3 months.

1. Adobe Premiere course by GFXmentor.

video editing courses

Adobe premiere pro CC is one of the best and important software in the field of video editing. If you want to succeed in this field then you should be knowing about this software. And this youtube free playlist in Hindi will teach you to use this software and master this video editing software.

This is actually the best course to get started with. Mastering such important software in the video editing field can be beneficial for you. If you will learn through this playlist and also practice along, you will be ready to serve the clients and make some money within 2 or 3 months.

Why consider this course?

  • Absolutely free!
  • Language: Hindi
  • Taught in so much detail, like nowhere else.

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2. Video Editing For Beginners

video editing courses

This Udemy course, Video Editing For Beginners, offers you the video foundations you’ll need to create and edit a beautiful video tale with your smartphone. By integrating you into various practical projects, this course will strengthen your comprehension of the video editing process on Android and iOS smartphones.

It will show you how to create, develop, execute, and finish a video project from the ground up. You’ll also learn how to distinguish between the features of various video platforms. The beautiful thing about this course is that it is updated every month with new project tasks and case studies to keep it current.

Why consider this course?

  • Absolutely free!
  • Subtitles Available.
  • Also, learn to edit from your smartphone.
  • 30k+ Students enrolled.

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3. Video Editing Classes Online

Shaw Academy’s basic Video Editing Classes Online will help you gain real video editing abilities. Although it covers a variety of fundamental video editing programs, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects remain the primary focus. You may discover the finest techniques for creating engaging films by going through the narrative structure of this course.

This course will also teach you the practical abilities needed for professional use, such as text and logo animation, adding diverse weather, using a green screen, and so on. It also provides an overview of the video production industry, allowing you to investigate career options.

Why consider this course?

  • Absolutely free!
  • Subtitles Available.
  • Globally recognized certification.
  • 5k+ Students enrolled.

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4. Fundamental of Digital Image and Video Processing.

Choose the Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video Processing course if you wish to learn the fundamentals of image and video processing. It provides a framework for photo and video analysis, which you may use to edit videos.

The course not only teaches you the theory behind editing tasks like image and video enhancement, compression, and recovery, but it also shows you how to do them in practice. The course will also teach you more technical concepts like image and video segmentation, sparsity, and lossless compression.

Why consider this course?

  • Offered by Northwestern.
  • Subtitles Available.
  • Trusted by 100K+ Students.

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5. Filmora X Complete Tutorial

So, this is the last and final course we’ve on the list of “video editing courses”. We’ve found this gem on youtube. In this video, you will learn about Filmora X in detail. You will be able to edit fabulous videos after watching this complete tutorial.

This course is in the Hindi language. So, if you’ve any difficulty in understanding the English language then, you can definitely consider this tutorial.

Why consider this course?

  • Free on Youtube.
  • 4hours of detailed Tutorial.
  • Watched by 600K+ Students.

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🎉🎯Bonus: Learn Video Editing With Minhaj Sir

Video Editing Course in Hindi

Learn Video Editing with the most popular editing software in the world. This course is aimed at people who are entirely new to Adobe Premiere Pro.

You will get

  • 8+ Hours of Learning (Pre-recorded HD Video Lectures)
  • 8+ Assignment-Based Projects
  • 3 GB Royalty FREE Assets (Sound Effects+Music+Templates+Backgrounds)
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Dedicated Forum for Doubt Solving
  • 3 Years 5 Years of Course Validity

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You might wish to pursue a career as a video editor or study this skill as a side job or hobby. The courses listed above are some of the most reputable video editing courses available online to help you get started in video editing.

You’ll learn to make stunning videos and will be able to edit videos to earn a little bit, utilizing online or offline tools after going through any of the courses we’ve looked at.


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