In the technological era where there are myriad of opportunities in the digital sector, anyone who is willing to invest themselves at the time can get most of these opportunities. The computer-based skills are at the forefront of the industry and so are the online computer courses in demand. Anyone who has the potential to complete these courses can benefit from the digital age. These courses are available in different fields, so depending upon the demand of these courses and to help you in building a career in these fields, we have summed up the basic knowledge about them in one place. Read on to know more about each of these fields.


With the increasing online financial activities, the importance of cybersecurity is on the rise. The basic need of security from cyber threats and frauds has led the cybersecurity industry on top of other industries. As per the statistics, cybersecurity jobs are highly demandable since 2020. 

If a person has a keen interest in the internet then taking up a cybersecurity course is the best option for him since from fin-tech to ecommerce every industry is thriving for security from growing cyber attacks. Any industry that uses online transactions requires cybersecurity specialists. 

To make the most of these opportunities one can opt for cybersecurity courses present online. The course teaches you to assess the online threats and risks and what measures to take to prevent them. To pursue a career in cybersecurity, one can also enroll for PG Diploma in Software Development Specialization in Cyber Security.

Data Science

Onilne computer courses

Onilne computer courses

Data Science courses are one of the best courses to land a high paying job. In 2020, there was a rise of more than 62% in the Data Scientist jobs as compared to its previous year. Industries like aeronautics, pharmaceuticals, oil and energy, and petroleum look forward to the insightful and critical analysis from Data Scientists. With just three years of experience, one can earn up to Rs 20,00,000 in a year.

The online computer courses on Data Science trains an individual in Mathematical learning, Machine learning, Python and Statistics learning, meaning that the courses combine all the aspects required to become a great data scientist.

Data Analyst

A Data Analyst plays a key role in applying statistical techniques and methods along with logical thinking to extract the required data from a pool of unstructured data. Data Analysts are required to conduct qualitative research after extracting structured data which are essential for administrative, production and marketing operations. Data Analysts and Data scientists are closely related but there are critical differences between the two. 

Data Analysts don’t need to work on the coding and programming part but they should be well aware of the latest technologies in programming languages and recent launches in the field. As per the statistics, a Data Analyst can earn up to $105,000 annually.

Web Designing

If you are a creative mind, then Web Designing courses can be a best choice for you. Web designing courses include creating unique and beautiful designs of logos, brochures, web pages and other graphic elements both on digital media and print media. However, you also need to learn computer programming languages like CSS, Javascript, HTML, XHTML and more. 

With the ever-growing presence of brands and companies on Digital platforms, the need for Web Designers is at its highest. As a result, online computer courses on web designing are increasing in numbers. 

Software Development

With the emergence of websites and mobile apps and games, the demand for specific softwares and applications is growing rapidly. The software development industry is mainly fuelled by virtual reality and augmented reality. The advanced software development courses have given birth to the games like PUBG and Pokemon Go. As per the data, the average yearly salary of a 5 to 7 years experienced software developer is about $75,000.

Once you indulge in these online computer courses, you will need to invest yourself completely to ace in particular skills and transform it into a source of earning for you. Now that you have an idea of the computer courses, it will be easier to decide upon the choice of course. If you are a creative mind web designing is recommended and if you are good at programming then software development is recommended, but at last, the choice is all yours.

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