We’re living in the era of technology and AI. In these times, online learning or online courses have become the most easiest and valuable way to learn new skills. Not only do online courses provide you with skills but also provide certifications & flexibility as well!

So, we’ve come up with the best 27 courses in different fields that you can explore to become a skilled person in 2022. Mastering a skill in today’s world is really very important for a good & high salaried job. Enjoy Reading!

1.) Free Data Science Programs

Recently, we’ve published a detailed article on “Data science“. It is an in-demand skill today. Even big tech giants (Like Google, Facebook, Apple, Netflix, etc.) are hiring skilled data scientists with really good packages. Here are some of the best courses you can do to master it.

2.) Free Digital Marketing Certifications & Courses

Digital marketing is the process of using digital technologies to reach out to customers and build a brand. The effective use of digital marketing can effectively help in various aspects of an organization, including sales, customer acquisition, lead generation, public relations, and brand awareness.

It has evolved tremendously over the last couple of decades with the introduction of new technologies being introduced every day. And it is always changing with the world around us. It is a must skill to have in this world. So, Here we’re mentioning the best courses:

3.) Free Excel Courses

The Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Excel Online

MS-Excel is a spreadsheet application made by Microsoft. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS. It allows users to perform calculations on data in a spreadsheet. Many Businesses use it to manage their expenses and regulations. Here’re some of the best courses to learn it from Scratch:

4.)Free Photography Courses

It is extremely difficult to classify photography as an art or a science. It is true that photography relies on scientific theories like optics and technology like the camera, but the most important part of photography is capturing feelings and emotions.

Photography can be used to document, explore, represent, or interpret people, places, events, or ideas. It can be created with different types of cameras such as film cameras, digital cameras, and smartphones.

5.) Free UI UX Courses

UI/UX is really important for businesses or startups. Because in this changing world everyone needs websites for online appearance. That’s where UI/UX designers come in. For more information read our detailed guide on ” UI/UX Design: Courses & Careers

We had published a guide on “UI/UX” and we had also mentioned some of the best courses there and here we’re mentioning some more courses.


So, Here we’ve told you some of the best courses to learn In-demand & Future Ready Skills. Now, Choose the skills you’re interested in. Start learning whatever you want and give your career a boost today!

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