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Hi guys! Nowadays, everyone wants to learn how to use graphics and make a career in this field. So, in today’s blog, we are going to share the top 10 free Canva courses to take in 2022.

Canva is a graphic design tool for non-designers. By learning from these courses at Canva, you can do graphic design, and you will also be able to design what you want. Whether you are familiar with graphic design or not, I am sure you have some questions.

  • What is Canva?
  • How did I become a graphic designer?
  • Are these courses worthwhile?
  • Are these courses enough for a job?
  • Who can learn this?
  • What eligibility do you want for these courses?

What Is Canva, Exactly?

A free graphic design platform for non-designers It has a straightforward interface that anyone can use easily. It allows you to create invitations, flyers, lesson plans, Zoom backgrounds, and business cards. Now you don’t need to worry about design. Apart from that, now you can create short videos for your YouTube and Instagram reels even if you don’t know what you want to design. There are free templates that you can use.


  • It has an easy interface that anyone can use.
  • pre-made designs that you can edit and use.
  • There are hundreds of elements, icons, and graphics to use in your design.
  • The ability to add frames and vignettes to imagery.

List of Courses

In Brief
1. Uses of canva for growing your business (udemy) 8 Hours A complete course to understand basic to advance
2. Canva Desing (youtube) 30 hours A certified instructor teaches you a brief about canva for Free  
3. Entrepreneur Special Canva Course-Graphic designing 3-4 Hours 11 projects to learn Canva from scratch
4. Graphic designing Course By (Canva) 8 Hours  The official Canva YouTube channel Gives essentials and beyond the Courses for free.
5. Create the Best graphic Content for your Marketing Assets. 15 Hours Learn the fundamentals of Canva and graphic design, and streamline your workflow.
6. Learn Canva Besic to advance | In Sixty Minutes You’ll Be Using the FREE CANVA, 3-4 Hours Learn Canva on training wheels for complete beginners
7. Special Course for Social Media Influencers: Beginning to advance 5 Hours Learn the best tricks and hacks to create eye-catching visuals for your business
8. Learn the latest canva version 3.0 | 2022 by (Udemy) 3-4 Hours Best course for the time constraint
9. Learn Canva (LinkedIn Learning) 1-2 Hours Introductory course by Canva expert
10. Tips And Tricks | Canva Hacks For Small Business(Youtube) 7 Hours Series of free tutorials with tips and tricks for image and video creation with a certified instructor

#1. Uses of Canva for Growing Your Business (Udemy)

Courses for canva

Here I start with the best courses on my list. I am sure you all wanted to learn the latest thing. Once, Bill Gates said, “If your business doesn’t have an online presence, that means you don’t have a business.” Most business owners spend one-third of their money on logos and graphics. In this field, you’ve got a chance to build your virtual store and earn money. This course is your one-stop shop if you want to learn how to get started with Canva but also start building your visual brand. Then you are in the right place.

It helps you develop a brand identity for your business or organization. Your brand identity is indeed the foundation upon which you should build your company.

What You’ll Learn

  • Creation of brand style
  • A Facebook Profile Picture
  • A Facebook Cover
  • An Instagram Quote
  • A YouTube Thumbnail
  • A YouTube Channel Art
  • A Twitter Post
  • A Twitter Header
  • A Linkedin Profile Photo
  • A Linkedin Banner
  • Some Hero Images for your Blog/Website Icons
  • Featured Images for your Blog Posts
  • An Author Photo for your Bio
  • Custom Letterheads
  • Custom Envelopes
  • Business Cards
  • A powerful Pitch Deck Presentation
  • A mini Website to invite people to join you on social media
  • A Landing Page to get people to sign up for your event

How You’ll Learn

There are 20 projects in this course. They will provide you with video lectures In this course, you get 78 video lectures that are divided into ten sections. And each section caters to your intermediate to advanced level. Some of the features of this course you will learn about in the course include: publishing your designs directly on social media from Canva; scheduling social media posts from Canva; creating animated text and GIFs, and building simple websites and landing pages with Canva! Overall, this is the best course.

Provider Udemy
Instructor(s) Ronny Hermosa
Level Beginner
Workload 8 hours
Enrollments 18,296 students
Rating 4.7 (3,235 ratings)
Certificate Available

If you are interested in this course you can check more information and detail about the course

#2. Canva Design (youtube)

Design with canva

The next Canva course you can get on youtube. It is a collaboration by Canva Creatives with Diana Muños and Ronny Hermosa, it is a course that starts with basic and slowly turns into advanced. This channel has several course playlists. you can pick according to your need and learning capacity. well, I am going to arrange easy to advance. 

What You’ll Learn

Course 1: Canva: Graphic Design for Beginners: There is an essential course you can start from here if you don’t know anything about the canva tool. so, it is the right place to start. Basics feature interface and a lot.

Course 2: Let’s Design it with Canva: Here is a one-advance level you are going to learn how to make catchy designs and Create engaging social media posts. Here you’ll find some of our most specific and popular tutorials.

Course 3: Canva Pro Tutorials: Tutorials and tips for Canva PRO users and how to make the best of your account and create stunning designs!

Course 4: Canva for Youtube: Another advanced level of Tutorial in it you will learn how to make youtube thumbnails, how to design an animated YouTube Intro or Title Sequence, and a lot of tips and tricks to  grow your youtube channel  

Course 5: How to Create Videos & Animations in Canva Last but not least. Tutorials and best tips on how to create videos and animations in Canva – for all users and levels!

How you’ll Learn

This is a series In that you can learn alone followed by an instructor. They will provide you with free templates that you can find easily in the Caption box and Instructors Page.

Channel Design with Canva
Provider YouTube
Instructor(s) Diana Muñoz and Ronny Hermosa
Level All levels
Workload 30 hours
Subscribers 190K
Certificate None

If you are interested in this course you can check more information and detail about the course

#3. Entrepreneur Special Canva Course-Graphic designing


 Jeremy Deighan and Phil Ebiner both are certified Canva creatives. This course is specially designed for entrepreneurs. It inclouds 11 projects from scratch for your social media marketing and branding projects. This course is based on the old version of Canva. So, if you are new to Canva you might take an introductory course first. However, this course is for beginners. 

you will learn the overall breakdown of Canva and then be given tips on how to approach each individual platform (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc)!

What You’ll Learn

11-course project about how to build your social media marketing and branding project.

  1. Social Media Graphic
  2. Blog Title
  3. Facebook Cover
  4. Facebook Post
  5. Facebook Ad
  6. Twitter Header
  7. Twitter Post
  8. YouTube Thumbnail
  9. YouTube Channel Art
  10. Google+ Photo
  11. Pinterest Graphic

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How you’ll Learn

This course is divided into 12 sections and 56 videos your instructors will be available 24 hours. If you are stuck at any place you get rescued by your instructor. you can solve your problem by massaging, both of them. After completing this course you have to give a test on all sections of the course and as you pass the test you will receive a certificate.

Provider Udemy
Instructor(s) Jeremy Deighan, Phil Ebiner, Video School and Concept Courses 
Level Beginner
Workload 3-4 hours
Enrollments 41,524
Rating 4.6 (1,153 ratings)
Certificate Available

If you are interested in this course you can check more information and detail about the course

#4. Graphic designing Course By (Canva)

 free Canva Course

This course is provided by the official Canva tool you can get this course on youtube. It’s a free collection of the latest Canva feature. This course is not only about basic features and intro parts of the Canva tool but also about how to create brand kits, presentations, mockups, animated gifs and quotes, digital products, and social media assets. after learning this you will be able to create designs for any media.

What You’ll Learn

Some topics covered in this series are:

  • Add multiple links to your Instagram Bio;
  • How to Create a Design Planner to SPEED UP your Workflow;
  • Using ANIMATED GIFs, Stickers, and Cut-outs;
  • How to Create ID CARDS & NAME TAGS with Canva;
  • Create EASY and Beautiful RESUMES with Canva;
  • How to Create VIDEOS with Canva;
  • How to Create a Social Media Report with Canva;
  • Easy SOCIAL MEDIA Content with Canva;
  • Create beautiful MOCKUPS in Canva with Smartmockups;
  • Create VISUALS for your NEWSLETTER in Canva;
  • How to Create Easy Email Headers with Canva;
  • How to create YouTube Thumbnails with Canva;
  • How to Create an Ebook with Canva;
  • How to Create Social Infographics with Canva;
  • How to Design a Beautiful Instagram Feed with Canva;
  • How to Create Facebook Video Ads with Canva.
  • How to create animated social media posts with Canva.
  • How to animate your Instagram Story (Canva Pro).
  • How to create a bar, line, and pie chart;
  • How to print your design.
  • And much more.

How You’ll Learn

Institution Canva
Provider YouTube
Instructor(s) Ed Abdallah, Hadas, and Ronny
Workload 8 hours
Level All levels
Subscribers 144K
Certificate None

If you are interested in this course you can check more information and detail about the course

#5. Master designing Course By (Canva)

canva free course

The fifth course is fundamental to Canva this course is not only about design but also teaches you how to work faster, and in minimum time Use templates and work strategies. creating assets for your media.

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What You’ll Learn

  • All the Canva basics along with how to get started quickly and efficiently and graphic design fundamentals;
  • The latest and most useful features of Canva;
  • How to organize and store all your brand assets for quick and easy use;
  • Project interface and all the elements within;
  • How to save time with templates and collections;
  • How to create all manner of dynamic social media marketing assets including things like Instagram stories which take advantage of Canva’s latest video features;
  • How to tackle any design project with confidence,  from simple social media graphics to long-form content like ebooks;
  • How to work with Canva on mobile devices;
  • How to master Canva grids to power advanced layouts;
  • How to create special effects like realistic drop shadows and photo frame popout effects;
  • How to create and give presentations with Canva;
  • How to publish AND schedule posts to social media w/ the new Content Planner;
  • How to integrate Canva with other platforms like dropbox, google drive, etc;
  • How to download your final assets in the needed format;
  • How to share projects and templates with others;
  • How to template the smart way so that you create final assets that continually save you time;
  • How to extend the power of Canva with Photopea.

How You’ll Learn

This course is covered most of the parts of Canva such a huge course if you learn this you might learn all about Canva, it is divided into 101 video lectures and 5-course projects that I mention below

  • Introduction of Canva
  • class project #show your creative Canva skill
  • Class project # Chellenge No.1
  • Class Project #Brand and Style  Guide
  • Class Project #show your design Challenge#2
  • Class project # Challenge find the solution
  • Class Project #poster redesign Challenge
  • Class Project #Share a design
  • Class project #share Video
Provider Skillshare
Instructor(s) Greg Radcliffe
Level All levels
Workload 15 hours
Enrollments 2,151
Rating 100% (26 reviews)
Certificate None

If you are interested in this course you can check more information and detail about the course

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#6. Design the Best Graphic Content

Canva certificate

This is a master class for beginners They provide you with great resources and material to help you to learn very essential parts of canva.  The CANVA Masterclass: Design, Collaborate, Share With CANVA with Ed Rubuliak.

What You’ll learn 

This course includes an overview of Canva, the Canva mobile application, Canva tool set. Canva team, templates, Content sharing, editing design, flyer and poster creation, content output your website, background, presentation. Element, social media, podcast, T-shirt, ppt presentation, and many more.

How You’ll Learn

This course has downloadable content. That you can download and use after. it is divided into 4 sections and 44 lectures. After completing all sections of the course you will receive a certificate


Provider Udemy
Instructor(s) Ed Rubuliak
Level Beginner
Workload 3-4 hours
Enrollments 24,505
Rating 4.8 (274 ratings)
Certificate Available

If you are interested in this course you can check more information and detail about the course

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#7. Special Course for Social Media Influencers: Beginning to advance


free certificate Udemy

This course special focused on discovering how to use eye-catching designs in your social media marketing campaigns-Learn how to use graphics to connect with your audience, build trust and create authority online-Discover the best practices for designing graphics that will help you get noticed online-Learn how to create eye-catching designs for social media that will help you get noticed online-Learn how to create graphics that stand out and grab attention

What You’ll Learn

  • Create professional-looking designs that will help you stand out online Have fun while making beautiful graphics and learning. how to use Canva, and other online tools join me on a journey of learning, creativity, and fun
  • as I show you how to make your own fabulous graphics for use online. You’ll learn how to design eye-catching images for social media, websites, and more using Canva.
  • We’ll start with the basics of graphic design, then move on to creating your own designs using Canva online tools.
  • You’ll learn how to make professional-looking graphics that are easy to create and won’t cost you a penny.

How You’ll Learn

As part of this course, you will be given a total of 37 lectures in 7 sections. With this course, you can download a downloadable guide to help you navigate the course and refer back as needed.

Provider Udemy
Instructor(s) Maggie Stara
Level Beginner/Intermediate
Workload 5 hours
Enrollments 6,154
Rating 4.7 (1,193 ratings)
Certificate Available

If you are interested in this course you can check more information and detail about the course

#8. Learn the latest Canva version 3.0 | 2022 by (Udemy)

free canva Course


What You’ll Learn

  • Using the latest Canva Version (3.0) you will quickly learn to make Professional Quality Graphical Designs.
  • Graphical Design theory to produce beautiful designs.
  • Where to source free Images, Videos, Software, Icons, and more for your Designs using the Free e-books that come with this course.
  • Learn how to use the latest Canva Video functionality.
  • Tips and tricks to use to create professional-looking graphics.
  • How to design Business Reports, Plans, and Proposals in Canva.
  • How to develop Professional Quality Social Media videos in just minutes using Lumen5 (for free).
  • And much more.

How You’ll Learn

Provider Udemy
Instructor(s) Adam Daniel
Level Beginner
Workload 3-4 hours
Enrollments 20,511
Rating 4.6 (870 ratings)
Certificate Available

If you are interested in this course you can check more information and detail about the course

#9.Learn Canva (LinkedIn Learning)

Top Canva Course

What You’ll Learn

  • Add your brand to Canva
  • Add images
  • Edit images
  • Use typography
  • Use design templates
  • Design presentations
  • Design logos
  • Create animations


How You’ll Learn

This course has included a fun Quiz after completing every section of the course you have to give this Quiz this course is divided into 4 sections and 64 video lectures after completing this course you will receive the certificate.

Provider LinkedIn Learning
Instructor(s) Marley Jaxx
Level Beginner
Workload 1-2 hours
Enrollments 72,218
Rating 4.7 (1,043 ratings)
Certificate Available

If you are interested in this course you can check more information and detail about the course

#10. Tips And Tricks | Canva Hacks For Small Business(YouTube)

Canva Tool Uses

This tutorial is also by a canvas creative certified instructor named Nicky Pasquier and is fully coved with tips and tricks to grow your market presence and learn to create Cachay content. how to earn from your social media accounts. how to increase your sale, in it you’ll learn about Canva presentation youtube elements, animations brandable ebooks, and other things.

What You’ll Learn

Some topics covered in this series:

  • How To RECORD VOICEOVER in Canva.
  • How To Record Screen And Self At Same Time – FREE.
  • Add Text To Video in Canva.
  • Remove Image Background.
  • Linktree Instagram Tutorial.
  • How to Make a Digital Business Card for FREE!.
  • Create a Pinterest COVER VIDEO in Canva.
  • How to Create a FREE EBOOK in CANVA.
  • Create an Instagram Carousel Post in Canva – including VIDEO.
  • How to Add Canva Animations to Video (iMovie and Filmora).
  • How to Create Video Pins for Pinterest.
  • Create Instagram Reels in Canva (Video and Pictures).
  • Youtube Animated Subscribe Button and Bell.
  • Create a YouTube End Card Canva Template (with ANIMATION).
  • Canva Presentation Templates Tutorial 2021.
  • Canva Pinterest Tutorial: How to Create Pinterest Story Pins.
  • How to Create a Beautiful Branded Mockup in Canva.
  • How to Create AND SHARE Social Media Graphics from Canva!!.
  • Canva Presentation Tutorial: How to upload a YouTube Video into a Slide.
  • Create FREE Instagram Highlight Covers in Canva.
  • How to Create Gradient Colors in Canva.

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How You’ll Learn

This Course includes 49 short videos tutorial that helps you build your graphics material to grow and promote  your business online you will learn from the instructor and put the concepts practical you are free to watch in any order

Provider YouTube
Instructor(s) Nicky Pasquier
Level All levels
Workload 7 hours
Views 48,648
Thumbs up 1K
Certificate None

All information related to courses you can find on this page –information and enrollment details

That’s all for today thank you to read


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