If you’re looking for free MOOC courses with certificates, you have come to the right page. Future learn is offering 50+ courses absolutely free.

Hello Seekers! We have free courses provided by 23+ universities. “Yes!” You heard right, 23+ universities. Furthermore, many of them are based in the United Kingdom. In short, you got a lot today.

In this blog, I am going to clarify

  • Learn about the future.
  • What is a MOOC?
  • concerning courses,
  • The benefits of these courses

So, I think now you’re curious to know how. Don’t worry, just read the blog till the end.

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About Future Learn

Future Learn is a platform that provides you with open-learning courses in partnership with 23 universities. They give you pre-recorded lectures. Through which you can learn whenever you want, as well as add these certificates to your CV and resume, you can get your dream job.

 Free MOOC Certificate

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MOOC-Massive Open Online Course

MOOCs are used by millions of people around the world to learn for a variety of courses. It is a web-based distance learning program designed for those students who want to retain a quality education. But for some reason, they can still attend the class. They give you pre-recorded lectures. Through that, you can learn easily.

 Free MOOC Certificate

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List Of Free Courses

There are some amazing extra courses as a bonus thank you for reading 

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Top 5 Course Advantages

  • The flexibility of time :

The Internet is such unfair luck; it’s made our lives easy and comfortable; now you are never late for your class. Whether it’s daytime, evening, or in the car, you can choose when and where you want to study.

  • Save your time and money:

Studying by distance learning saves your time and, as you know, it is free, so it saves your money too. Compared to the traditional culture of education, you don’t need to go to college and attend class according to your time. You can choose your own study time.

  • It allows for live interaction with teachers.

Teachers and students can choose to learn on their own schedules. In distance learning courses, you don’t need to share a traditional classroom with 20+ students; you get direct

Free MOOC Certificate

  • Increased career opportunities:-

As I mentioned, these courses are given by UK-based universities. They provide you with quality courses with certificates that can polish your CV and increase your chances of getting a job.

    • It provides international teams:

    On the other hand, international teams give you a large environment to study and gain knowledge about other countries. On the other hand, you can analyze the level of competition.

    • .Help to manage your timetable:- 

    Firstly, it’s dependent on you when and where you want to learn. Second, it helps you develop time management skills. Accordingly How many courses do you like to learn at the same time? and how many you can eat at a time.

    free MOOC Certificate


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