Hello Friends! Are you interested in Web Development as a career? Thousands of web Development Courses are present online. On the contrary, the Masai Online Web Development Mini course is the best alternative to learning the basics of web development without investment.

The market for web developers and designers is expected to jump to13% from 2020 to 2030. That’s more than average, but not surprising! Web development was always a hot industry and web developers were the original remote workers!

In this blog, you will learn How to learn Web Development as a Beginner? Masai School is providing a free course to upskill India. Thus, it will bring a great change to our education system. So, let’s walk you through the best mini-course to learn web development.

web development

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    Web Development Mini-Course: Masai School LayOut

    Lectures Chapter Topics Start Learning
     Lecture-1  Introduction to HTML and CSS Watch Now
    Lecture-2 What are HTML Tags? Watch Now
    Lecture-3 CSS Stylesheets and rules Watch Now
    Lecture-4 Build your portfolio-: Creating Layout Watch Now
    Lecture-5 Build your portfolio: Styling with CSS Watch Now
    Lecture-6 Create Layout with CSS Watch Now
    Lecture-7 Final Portfolio Watch Now

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    What is Web Development?

    Web Development Industry is known to create attractive websites and web pages. What you see on your browsers is created with lots of effort behind it. Although every website has different attributes, the three fundamental components conducted in every interaction:

    • Client or Front-end: Includes browser and web page functionality and layout, using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The big challenge, in this case, is to make sure that a website functions precisely the same way on all browsers.
    • Server or Back-end: Includes site code generation, hosting, data storage, and database handling. The server is the remote computer that is being run “on the other side” and is responsible for site code generation and database handling.
    • Database: A web database is accessible from a local network or the internet instead of one that has its data stored on a desktop or its attached storage. Used for both professional and personal use, databases are hosted on websites. 

    Benefits of Learning Web Development

    •  In the case of, Web Development remote work is easy because all you need is a laptop as well as an internet connection.
    • Web development jobs have competitive salaries in Top companies.
    • Web development jobs are always available even during pandemics.
    • In reality, You can work for yourself as a web developer.

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