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It’s incredible to see LinkedIn Learning transform 100 premium courses and certifications into free offerings. The best part is that there is no need to register or provide credit or debit card information.

After reviewing all of the free courses offered by linked learning, I’ve selected a comprehensive professional development course for you. This is the entirety of LinkedIn Learning’s Free learning path.

We don’t know how long these courses (or certificates) will be available for free. We will, however, maintain a close eye on LinkedIn Learning and update this course as needed. As a result, keep an eye out! Please let us know if you come across any new free materials.

About the Course | Master In-Demand Professional Soft Skills

What does every hiring manager look for in an employee? Set yourself apart from the pack by getting the essential soft skills–abilities that help people interact effectively with others–that employers value most, from communication fundamentals and being a team player to advancing your critical thinking skills.

What you will learn
  • Build a solid process for achieving your goals and bouncing back from challenging situations.
  • Learn to communicate, listen, and work well with team members and peers.personality development course
  • Think critically as a problem solver.

Earn Your Certificate

When you’re done, you’ll have earned a certificate of completion.

All 11 Courses in this learning path 

1. Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to enhance your personal performance and build effective relationships at work by developing emotional intelligence.

2. Building Resilience

Learn how to bounce back from difficult situations, by building your “resiliency threshold,” with these training techniques.

3. Embracing Unexpected Change

Improve how you deal with change in your professional and personal life. Learn how to put change in the proper context, create the right perspective, and become more resilient.

4. Critical Thinking for Better Judgment and Decision-Making

Teach your team how to think critically. Learn how to use critical thinking to avoid fallacies, spot biases, craft better arguments, hone judgment, and improve decision-making.

5. Why Trust Matters with Rachel Botsman

Explore ways to identify and address trust issues in your personal and professional life.

6. Teamwork Foundations

Learn the qualities of effective teams and the role you, as a team member, play in creating a healthy, productive team.

7. Communication Foundations

Build your communication skills. Learn how to communicate more effectively in professional situations, including meetings, email, and presentations.

8. Effective Listening

Communications experts Tatiana Kolovou and Brenda Bailey-Hughes help you assess your listening skills and develop more effective listening behaviours.

9. Persuading Others

Ensure that your ideas get a fair hearing by cultivating your persuasion skills. Discover how to establish credibility and how to make it easier for people to respond with a “yes.”

10. Writing in Plain Language

Learn to write in plain language and help your readers understand and act on your documents and content.

11. Banish Your Inner Critic to Unleash Creativity

Express your most creative self—minus the fear and self-doubt. Learn how to banish your inner critic to unleash maximum creativity.

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