Knowing how to generate money typing from home will help you enhance your profits. Finding a typing job that suits you, regardless of your talents or qualifications, can considerably boost your career chances and work-life balance.

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Working in a typing-intensive position can be a rewarding career decision, but it takes to research and practice. This post will go through some of the industries where you can make money by typing.

What is a typing job?

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An online typing job is one in which the primary responsibility of the employee or collaborator is to enter various types of data into a computer using the keyboard, the virtual keyboard of a smartphone, tablet, or another device with internet access, or by using speech to text convert software on any device that is connected to the internet.

Online typing jobs are relatively recent phenomena that have emerged and evolved as a result of the internet’s rapid expansion and widespread availability of internet-ready gadgets.

Top 5 ways to make money by Typing

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Here are five fields that frequently offer employment openings for online employees or collaborators that must type:

1. Data entry

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Working in data entry is typically the most basic manner of earning money through typing, as well as the lowest compensation. However, because there are no experience or educational prerequisites, it is a good way to start generating money online by typing. Basic computer and typing abilities are all that are required.

The work entails entering data from an external file into the company’s system or a spreadsheet. In some cases, you must additionally check the data, and advanced data entry tasks require you to conduct research.

The basic prerequisite is that you have a personal or laptop computer with a keyboard and a high-speed internet connection.

It may also necessitate basic familiarity with common office software tools. However, it is a good place to start on your road to additional online typing jobs.

2. Transcription

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A transcriptionist is responsible for listening to audio recordings and typing the conversations they hear. Transcriptionists must be able to distinguish numerous voices on a tape, understand their words over background noise, and transcribe words spoken in varied accents.

They are usually excellent typists, as quick typing can save you a lot of time in this line of work. They must also be exceedingly accurate and error-free in their work, with some typewriter occupations, such as those in the medical or legal fields, needing certification.

It requires a pair of headphones in addition to an internet-connected device with a keyboard. Most transcriptionist positions pay by the hour of audio recording, thus increasing your typing speed can enhance your profits.

3. Medical and legal transcription

Those working in highly technical and specialized professions, as opposed to common transcription occupations, frequently require certification that validates their proficiency in the respective fields.

Professionals who transcribe a physician’s or a legal professional’s dictation must be well-versed in the terminology employed, primarily because even tiny errors in these disciplines can have serious ramifications.

4. Virtual Assistance

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So, Working as a virtual assistant usually entails executing various duties for a single client, based on their specific requirements. Data input, research, producing spreadsheets from previously acquired data, making schedules, monitoring social media profiles, etc and other jobs are frequently performed.

Virtual help necessitates ongoing learning and adaptation, but the large range of potential jobs makes the sector suitable for those who lose interest when executing a single repetitious work.

5. Captioning

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Captioning and transcribing are similar in that they both involve listening to an audio clip and typing what you hear. Captioning, on the other hand, demands you to generate video content captions for persons with hearing impairments or for those who want to view videos with the sound turned off or on low volume.

In addition, unlike transcribing, captioning entails adding more characteristics to the document, such as background noises or persons conversing inaudibly. The majority of captioning tasks include working with a pre-recorded video file of various origins, such as TV shows, movies, lectures, shows, and others.

Real-time captioners caption live programs such as newscasts and sporting events.


Typing is something that can be done by anyone and also it doesn’t require any skills as well. If you’re willing to earn money online and also you don’t have enough skills to earn then you should definitely try out these ways to make money by typing.

The only thing that might you don’t like is that it’s an active source of income. You can’t make money through this while sleeping. We’ve already made a list of the best passive income ideas. Check it out.


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