Have you ever seen Illustrations? Or have you ever been amazed by amazing & Eye-Catching Hoardings/Banners out there in your town? Now, you might be thinking that Why I am asking these questions. So, That’s all are made by Graphic Designers. If you’re looking to get into Graphic Design Field and then you’re in the correct place.

Graphic Design

Graphic Designing is the Fastest Growing Industry these Days. It is one of those skills which are in demand right now. Every Business Want Graphics to Boost their Sales, Traffic, etc. Graphic Designing is the process of Creating and Developing Graphic Contents. Graphic Designer Work with Text, Images, Colour, and Form to Create Eye-catching Graphics for Ads, Websites, Logos, etc. We’ll Understand All the Basics and Fundamentals of Graphic Designing in this blog.

We’ll Also share the Roadmap with you to Become a High Paying Graphic Designer by learning from only free Resources. 

What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic Design


So, It is basically a skill to Attract one’s attention using Graphics & Visuals. The more Attractive the Image will be, the more attention it will get. And who doesn’t want attention especially Businesses to Promote their products or services? 

Big Startups & Businesses pay lakhs of Salaries to their Graphic Designers to increase their product sales or to promote their products. This includes Hoardings, Banner, Posts, Business Cards, Logos Etc.

Career as a Graphic Designer

Graphic Design

Now, Let’s talk about the career in graphic designing and its Scope. So, Graphic Design is an important skill. As the businesses are start-ups are growing. The Demand for Graphic Designers is Also Growing because the future is Design & Animation.

Look at the image above, The average base salary of a Graphic Designer Begineer is 25,000INR in India. Now You can think about the Salaries as an Experienced Graphic Designer in Big tech Companies.

There are Almost 16,000 Jobs in Only India as a Graphic designer. ( According to Naukri.com).

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Tools For Graphic Design

Graphic Design

It seems you’re interested in this field and want to make your career here. So, We’ll tell you some of the best tools to learn to boost your new Career.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Coreldraw
  • Canva
  • Coolors

These are the tools that graphic designers use the Most. Yes, You’ve to learn all the tools first and have to make some demo designs to get work.

Free Courses to Learn Graphic Designing


We’ll tell you some of the best courses you can do to learn and master it in a very record time. And If we’re talking about learning from free resources then how can some Forget about Youtube. So, the Very First resource is:-

1.) Udemy

Udemy is the Largest marketplace to learn online. But, It is known for its affordable paid course. Also, they have some of the free courses from which you can learn.

Go to Course -->

2. Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy is also a trusty worthy Platform to learn new skills and Upgrade your Career. They’re offering a free graphic design course on their official website. Grab this offer before it Ends!.

Go to Course -->

3.) Canva

Basically, Canva is a Begineer Graphic designing tool but they are offering a fundamental course where you’ll learn the basics of graphic design. It can be an excellent course for you because this course is designed by industry professionals and experts.

Go to Course -->

What’s about Portfolio?

Graphic Design

The portfolio is very important in this field if you want to get work. The client will give you work based on your previous work. So, After learning Graphic designing you’d start making demo designs to add to your Portfolio.

Where to Make Portfolio?

There are some Important websites where you can showcase your work and also interact with other designers as well.

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Ways to Earn from Graphic Designing

Graphic Design

Now, You’re totally ready to get work and earn money. So, here are a Few Options you can consider to make money:-

  • Doing a Job: You can do Job in any digital marketing agency, tech company, etc. You can apply to those Companies with your Previous Works and Skills. You can get a Decent Salary in the Starting if your portfolio will be strong.


  • Doing an Internship: There are Several Companies that offer you internships to learn with earn as well. They will give you some money as a Stipend and will guide you to be better in your field. You can explore internships as well.


  • Freelancing:- It is Something that everybody knows about. You’ll be amazed to know that a freelancer can earn even more than big tech companies. See the Image Below and You can clearly see that people are earning more than 20$ per hour.

  • 99Designs: It is a site, especially for designers where people host contests and you’ve to participate and if you’ll win then you’ll get the Winning amount as your prize. Many designers are making even $1000 only at 99 designs just by playing contest.


So, We’ve discussed all the important elements which can make you a better Graphic Designer. Now Follow the roadmap and Go ahead in your career. Start Learning as soon as possible and  Best of luck from Team Skillsiya 🙂



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