If you are looking for a gig that pays you extra or trying to find a flexible part-time job, then you are at the right place. Here you will read about some Fiverr Gigs that can pay you a few extra bucks by just doing something you like or are good at. 

What is Fiverr?

Well, if you are familiar with Fiverr, then it’s good and if you are not, no worries, we’ll explain it to you. 

Fiverr is one of the largest and most popular online marketplaces for freelancing services. It is not only a platform to avail the services but also a great and easiest platform for freelancers to make some extra money. One of the greatest features of it is that a freelancer can list up to 7 different services that they can provide. With this feature, you can decide to ace and provide services in one skill and earn or you can be a master of multiple services. 

20 Easy Fiverr Gigs with 20+ Free Tools

Here’s the list of some best paying Fiverr gigs that you too can do.

1. Digital Presentation Designing

Free Tools available for designing are: 

  • Google Slides: To create presentations and save them on Google could space.
  • Slides Carnival: For free Google slides templates.

2. Removing Backgrounds

    Free tools available are: 

    • Burner Bonanza: To remove background from pictures in just a few clicks.

    3. Branding

    Free tools: 

    • Namelix: To generate business name ideas.
    • Business Name Generator: Another similar website.

    4. Subtitling

    Free tool: 

    • Youtube: Yes, it generates subtitles automatically.

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    5. Ebook Editing and File Conversion

    Free tools available:

    • Caliber: This free and easy-to-use software allows customization in the ebooks and converting files to other formats. 

    6. YouTube Intro or Outer Clips

    Free tool: 

    • Panzoid: Free online video editing tool with a library of templates.

    7. Transcription

    Free tool: 

    • Google Docs: With a voice-to-text feature, it becomes easier to transcribe with Google Docs.

    8. Short Video Ads

    Free tools: 

    • Videezy: To get royalty-free video clips to use for ads!
    • HitFilm Express: Free robust video editor

    9. Social Media Ads and/Or Posts

      • Free Tool:
      • Canva and Crello: Both are easy graphic designing apps with free images and templates.

      10. Photo Retouching

        Free tools:

        • Makeup.pho.to: A free tool to edit and give a final retouch to images.
        • Photopea: Similar to Adobe Photoshop, Photopea is a free graphic design tool. 

        11. Data entry

          Free tool:

          • Google Sheets: Free tool for easy data entry.  

          12. Travel Advice and Planning

            Free tools:

            • Google Travel: Get complete information about tourist places, nearby locations, accommodations and everything related to traveling. 
            • Google My Maps: A tool to plan routes and itineraries for someone else, should not be confused with Google Maps. 

            13. Virtual Assistant

            14. Promoting Fiverr Gigs as an Affiliate

            15. Beta Reading

            16. Usability Test (Testing of Software, apps, games, websites, etc)

            Free Tool:

            • Obs Studio

            17. Impersonations

              Free tool:

              • Voicemod: Voice changing software available for free.

              18. Phone calls

              19. Distributing and Posting Physical Flyers

              20. Random Greetings and Videos (comedic)

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