Do you make academic notes? Or If you’re not a student then, do you have your old school notes that are just a waste now. And you want to make money. Then, I’ve something for you. And that is, you can actually make real money by selling your old academic notes. You can actually earn money as a student.

Being a student, we truly understand that you don’t have enough time to learn new skills and monetize them. So, here we are with the solution where you don’t even need to stop your study and you can make money with it as well. 

Earn money as a student

I’m sure you’re amazed! But, it’s true that you can actually make real money by selling the old academic notes that you’ve prepared for your exams. And the best part is you actually don’t have to give the notes, you will sell the scanned version itself.

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How to make money by selling Academic notes?


It is a completely new way to make money. Even you can earn $100 or $1000 just by selling single-page notes. This depends on the notes subject and the way you’ve prepared it.

So, here we’re talking about studypool, which offers you to sell notes online to make money to spend your expenses. It is the biggest marketplace for selling study notes which helps other students. This offers you a variety of subjects to upload notes of, like Business, science, humanities, programming, mathematics, writing, etc.

You can make up to $5000 per month by selling your notes on the study pool. This is a global platform where people ask their doubts and confusions, as well as buy documents from those who have them available for sale! I’ll show you how it works:

when someone buys one of your notes at ten dollars or more (the going rate), You’ll get paid. The notes you create can be shared with as many people and they’ll still pay you because it’s a digital product! There are no limits on how much money you can make.

What are the subjects they offer?

There are a variety of subjects which you can sell notes of. Here are some of the major categories:

  • Business


  • Humanities

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Programming

How much money can you actually earn?

So, there’s no limit on how much you can earn. People are earning 1000$ as well as some people are earning $0 because they’re not providing the value according to their cost. Now, this depends on you and how much time and effort you had put into your notes. 

For you to motivate and gain trust, I am attaching a screenshot of the highest earners through this website.

Do we sell only notes?

No, I can understand that you’re a pro-student like me who doesn’t make notes and study at last point through youtube 😜 . Then, you can also earn money as a student, through this website.

You can upload your Old/Quizzes/tests, old assignments & class notes as well. Now, don’t say that you don’t make assignments because I always used to complete my assignments on time.😅😎

In which language notes should be?

I know, many of you might be thinking about this. But, there’s a piece of good news that there is not only English available. They also accept lot more languages. You’ve to research it on their website.

What’s the process?

  • First of all, you have to signup on their website.
  • Then, on the upper side, you will find the “sell docs” tab.
  • After clicking on it, you can actually upload the documents you want to sell. Simple!

After submitting the document, studypool team will verify your submitted document. They will verify whether the document you’ve uploaded actually does have an academic value or not.


So, here it’s over. Start uploading your documents now on this website in order to make passive income. This will not require a lot of hard work and effort because you already have the notes that you’re going to sell. Just upload it and start earning money.






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