Hello Friends! Today we are revealing a book 21 Lessons For the 21st Century for free. This book is all about those problems which we don’t even realize but it is making a massive impact on our lives.

Let’s download this book and find out what are those problems and how we can fix them. This book has discussed all the major problems of the 21st century with their magical solutions.

At the end of this blog, we are sharing 21 Lessons For the 21st Century e-book English/Hindi version absolutely free. So, Keep up till last.

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About Author-Yuval Noah Harari’s

Yuval Noah Harari is a historian and public intellectual from Israel. He is currently a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Department of History. He received his Ph.D. from Jesus College, Oxford. Yuval’s breakthrough work was Sapiens. Since then, he has written two more books: Homo Deus and 21 Lessons for the Twenty-First Century.

21 Lesson For The 21st Century: Introduction

The book 21 Lessons for the Twenty-First Century is an outline of the most pressing issues in the modern world. The problem is that most people do not have the time to investigate these questions. That being said, those who fail to consider these notes will be left behind when they overwhelm us.

As a result, Yuval Noah Harari claims that by providing knowledge, this book can help level the global playing field. He hopes to encourage more people to participate in the debate over the human species’ future. This future will feature advanced artificial intelligence as well as a single global civilization. The key is figuring out how we can solve these problems together with AI.

Why You Should Download This E-Book

21 Lessons for the Twenty-First Century is a book about the future. Harari believes that technology has the potential to solve many of the problems we have faced in the twenty-first century. However, some issues may arise as a result of technological advancement if we are unable to connect it to our society.

Many people, for example, are concerned about AI taking our jobs. Instead, Harari contends that allowing AI in the workplace will eliminate mundane tasks that no one wants to do, allowing humans to focus on more important and enjoyable tasks. This is the book’s underlying message, with each lesson addressing a present issue and looking to the future for potential solutions.

21 Lessons for The 21st Century Free E-Book: English

21 Lesson for The 21st century

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21 Lessons for The 21st Century Free E-Book: Hindi

21 lesson for the 21st century

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