PTC sites are one of the best ways to earn money without any investment. You can start making money right after signing up for these websites. These sites offer many ways to earn money. Mostly you can get money by watching ads, doing small tasks, and taking surveys.

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You can get money from these PTC sites while you are doing other things. You don’t need to pay attention all the time. There are people who work on these sites called paid-to-click. If you do this, then you can earn money by clicking on the site. But not every site is legit and some people don’t make money with these sites.

Here is a list of sites that can be trusted and will give you good pay for the time you spend.

5 Best Paying PTC Sites to earn 

You cannot rely on these sites to make money. You may earn a few dollars from one site, but don’t expect to make a lot of money from them. Don’t believe any stories about people who have made thousands and thousands of dollars from these sites. But if you are looking for some extra cash or some extra pocket money, then these sites can be a good way for you to do that.

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There are lots of Fake PTC Sites online. But These are the best ones for you to start earning on.

1. ySense 

The website ySense is the best PTC site. The money you make at this site is better than at other sites. There are many ways to make money. The amount you can make is more than at other PTC sites. The website is easy to use, and the payment process is quick and simple.

This website pays for 13 years. It has a big market. They have given out more than $37,367,130 to their users.

Checkout ysense

2. NeoBux

NeoBux is a website that pays people to visit the site. They started in 2008 and they are trusted. Many people say that NeoBux is the best. But a lot of people ySense better because it pays more. They are both good, but ySense pays more.

Many say their #1 recommendation is NeoBux, but like a lot of people making more on ySense, my biased nature kept ySense in the first place. But in comparison, both are good on their own terms.

NeoBux is better than ySense because you can make money by just viewing advertisements. This means that NeoBux is a PTC site in the first place. But there are other ways to earn on ySense too.

Checkout neobux

3. PaidVerts

As the name says, it pays for you to view advertisements. I joined in 2013 and have been making a good amount of money. I just want to say that this is one of the best PTC sites when it comes to making money from ads.

It is better than NeoBux or ySense, but I will not compare with them because they are not as good as this site. As a normal site, PaidVerts is a place where you can earn money.

Checkout Paidverts

4. Scarlet-Clicks

Same as PaidVerts, Scarlet-Clicks pays you money when people click on the ads. You also make some extra money from other sources. I don’t compare any other sites with what ySense and NeoBux offer, but if you are looking for some more PTC sites as you just need another 10 mins daily to earn. I suggest you try Scarlet-Clicks.

This site has many things in common with PaidVerts. You can view ads for a certain amount of money, and then withdraw that money.

Checkout scarlet-clicks

5. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a great way to earn money. People don’t know it is a site for getting paid for completing tasks, surveys, downloading apps, or looking at ads. This is a site where you can earn money. We have different ways of earning money. And these are what we call Paid-to-Click sites.

I recommend Swagbucks more than PaidVerts & Scarlet-Clicks. Because it is not only popular but it ks running for years with the same trust.

Checkout Swagbucks


Here are the 5 best PTC sites for you to earn money. You can use these sites as a side hustle or even supplement your income with some extra cash, depending on how much time and effort you put in. Which of these is your favorite? Let us know!







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