So, we’ve already discussed a lot about free and paid courses. But many people don’t want to learn instead they are already skilled and want to teach online to generate some extra revenue. That’s why we’re are here with the list of best online teaching platforms.

Teaching has traditionally been regarded as a noble occupation. Education and learning are vital components of any person’s life. They aid in the development of character and personality, as well as the creation of life for yourself.

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Why Teach Online?

Even the profession of teaching has had to adapt its definition as a result of current technology and the way the world is going forward with online education. From classroom teaching to online teaching, the world is swiftly moving forward, as seen by the availability of a number of online teaching platforms that offer a variety of online courses and certifications for students.

The platforms we’re going to tell you here not only give you a variety of options and features but also give you a decent revenue share. So, here’s let’s go with the best online teaching platforms.

5 Best Online Teaching Platform

1. Teachable

Teachable is an online teaching platform for teachers that allows them to create the perfect course for their students. They give you everything you need, from unlimited video bandwidth to endless courses to provide to students, under this slogan.

It has the tools necessary to make classes engaging and interactive. You will have the opportunity to give live lectures to your students, as well as administer quizzes and award them a diploma at the end of the course.

Students will also provide feedback on your instruction. It offers a free trial package that allows you to use the platform’s key features for teaching. After that, you can upgrade to a premium version, the most basic of which is $29. Choose according to your plans and requirements.

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2. Udemy

Best Online Teaching Platform

Udemy is one of the most famous online learning sites. Udemy has partnered with a number of famous universities and colleges to provide some colorful and engaging online courses. Through its platform, Udemy also offers online degrees. However, it is not the only platform that offers online degree courses; in today’s world, there are numerous online channels through which to obtain an online degree.

Being an Udem instructor offers various perks, such as being able to teach courses in your own unique style and having complete control over your content. Through Udemy, you may create your own professional network where you can learn skills and earn money for each paid enrollment. Udemy helps you create your own courses and curriculums, and its dashboard keeps you organized. There are no expenses associated with becoming an Udemy teacher. You will earn money according to the revenue share model of Udemy. Because of its brand value, it is the finest venue for online instruction.

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3. UpGrad

Best Online Teaching Platform

Another famous online education platform is UpGrad. It boasts a large number of students registered in a variety of online courses, ranging from short-term courses to online degrees and diplomas. For any student, online diploma courses are effective and beneficial. To be a teacher at UpGrad, you must have extensive subject expertise and excellent English communication abilities.

An enthusiasm for teaching and the ability to convey complicated concepts in a straightforward manner are also crucial assets to have. You can choose the type of work you want to do at UpGrad by selecting from a variety of responsibilities such as generating course content, coaching students, grading assignments, and resolving doubts. Each of these positions will pay differently, and you will be required to sign a contract with UpGrad that reflects this. This is yet another excellent online teaching tool.

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4. Skillshare

Best Online Teaching Platform

Skillshare is another popular online education platform that provides a significant learning experience. If you’re a blogger, writer, or entrepreneur, Skillshare is the greatest place for you to share your knowledge. It also has a student membership option. Over 8 million students have signed up for skillshare, and there are presently over 10,000 courses accessible.

Instead of emphasizing the final product, skillshare enables students to share feedback, grades, and work progress. Which is ideal for the creative subjects you’re teaching.

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5. Edureka

Best Online Teaching Platform

To teach at Edureka, you must have a love for the subject matter as well as significant topic knowledge in the domain. In order to have interactive classes with the students, you should also have good communication skills. Edureka provides you with income-sharing alternatives for your courses, resulting in a healthy remuneration.

This online teaching platform allows you to grow and expand at a rapid and progressive pace. You must first complete an online form with your basic information, after which you will be subjected to a selection procedure, after which you will be provided with the necessary training based on Edureka’s approach.

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So, here you have some of the best online teaching platforms and their essential features. If you’re genuinely interested in teaching and want to get started right away, you can choose any of these platforms. With the world experiencing a pandemic, online learning has accelerated.

The value of learning and education may be seen in the fact that education persisted despite so many things being put on hold. We must change with the times and use these online teaching platforms to maintain the teaching-learning process. 



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