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It’s awesome to see LinkedIn Learning offering 100+ premium courses and certifications for free. after reading this post you will find the best free sales representative course. The best part is that you will not have to sign up for anything or submit credit or debit card information.

I’ve selected a whole sales representative course for you guys after filtering all the free courses by LinkedIn learning. This is Linked Learning’s whole Free learning path. after reading this post you will find the best sales-free course.

We have no idea how long these free courses (or certificates) will be available. However, we plan to keep an eye on LinkedIn Learning and update this course as needed. So keep your eyes peeled! If you find any other free materials or find an error in the course, please let us know.

About the Course | Sales Representative

Learn core concepts and skills necessary in today’s selling environment—from negotiation and closing strategies to selling with authenticity. Recognize that selling is a partnership. Develop your sales skills, people skills, and ability to create emotional engagement and earn the trust of others.

What you will learn 
  • Learn how you can be a trusted partner in the sales process.
  • Identify negotiation and closing strategies that suit you.SALES FREE COURSE
  • Develop and hone your interpersonal, or “soft,” skills.


Earn Your Certificate

When you’re done, you’ll have earned a certificate of completion.

All 11 Courses in this learning path

1. Prepare Yourself for a Career in Sales

Prepare for a successful career in sales. Learn how to develop yourself professionally and build more effective relationships with both your teammates and your customers.

2. Sales Foundations

Find out what makes salespeople effective, and learn specific strategies for prospecting and product positioning and developing a sales process.

3. Asking Great Sales Questions

Learn how to ask sales questions that lead to high-quality interactions with customers and clients.

4. Soft Skills for Sales Professionals

Learn how to build your soft sales skills to better connect with—and ultimately sell to—your customers.

5. Sales: Handling Objections

Learn how to confidently handle objections that can crop up throughout the sales process. Discover how to ask the right questions and deal with buyers who are resistant to change.

6. Sales Negotiation

Best-selling author and sales coach Lisa Earle McLeod explains what makes sales negotiations different and how to negotiate deals that stick.

7. Sales: Closing Strategies

Develop an effective closing strategy. Get tips to recognize buying signals and close more sales.

8. Selling with Stories, Part 2: Stories Great Sales People Tell

Learn how to leverage storytelling throughout the sales process. Learn the 25 most essential types of sales stories to earn buyer trust and make the sale.

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