The first thought that comes to mind when the word ‘Education’ pops up is the cost of it, whenever someone wishes to take up a course, the first thing they look into is the price package of the course and most of the time, people drop out of their idea of taking up the course. But WAIT! You don’t always have to invest thousands and millions to get a quality education. There are numerous websites over the internet that are dedicated to providing free education to people across the world. The websites not only provide education but also guide you to become a skilled employee and an impactful individual. Although there are hundreds of websites where one can get an education, only a few of them provide quality education. 

Here we have listed the Top 7 Websites for Free Education that one can go for without a second thought. 

 Top 7 Websites for Free Education

Free Education

Free Education


Co-founded by Harvard University and MIT, EdX, is a global non-profit free education platform that seeks to remove the barriers of the traditional educational system by providing an online space for learning. With more than 20 million registered users and 2400 courses, EdX is preferred by the learners and students from the top universities of the world. Alongside being a platform for learners, EdX also provides a space for technologists and educators to create more educational courses and tools. In addition to free courses, the platform also has many other courses available at a fraction of cost. 


With more than 35 million registered learners, 150 partner universities, 2700 courses, 250 specializations and four degrees, Coursera offers free as well as paid courses. Paid courses generally range between $29-$99 while specializations and degree courses are priced high. The course educators and instructors include subject matter experts from top universities and colleges of the world. On the other hand, courses include recorded lectures, discussions and peer-reviewed course works. After completion of the courses, you get the certificates. 

Khan Academy

Another non-profit online free education platform, Khan Academy, is dedicated to providing education to anyone at any place at any time. This world class educational platform is free for both teachers and learners and provides lessons starting from kindergarten to post graduation. The founding members of Khan Academy include Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ann & Jon Doerr, Google and Reed Hastings. 


TED’s award winning educational arm TED-Ed is on a world mission to share and spread ideas from teachers. The global network of over 250,000 teachers serves millions of learners around the world in a week. It not only provides educational content but also enables you to access creative contents for the overall development. 


The global educational marketplace has over 30 millions students registered on the platform and provides over 100,000 courses in 50 languages. Unlike other educational platforms that include content from the educators from top colleges and universities. Udemy lets content creators create their own content and teach them to the learners on the platform. 

Code Academy

Code academy is another free education platform that teaches coding in different programming languages. Till date, it has trained over 50 million learners in fields related to programming languages from across the world. Code Academy offers both free and paid courses, so those who want to learn advanced skills can go for paid courses. 

Stanford Online

An educational initiative by Stanford University, Stanford Online offers free professional and traditional courses, advanced degree and executive education. It includes courses from Stanford graduation schools, Stanford Law School, Stanford Business School and Stanford Medical School, alongside others.

Doesn’t matter if you are an early learner or a late one because learning is a life-long process so IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO LEARN.

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