In recent years, data and artificial intelligence have emerged as industries that are constantly changing and expanding. These are extensively utilized across sectors and disciplines to examine and evaluate data, as well as to identify underlying patterns and make vital real-world choices, and they are becoming more popular.

With a wide range of online programs and training courses, learning data and AI has become easier than ever before. In many cases, these courses are taught by some of the world’s greatest AI educators, investigators, and specialists. To help you choose the best course, here are the top free data and AI courses, offered by Simplilearn’s SkillUp platform

AI and Machine Learning

Introduction To Artificial Intelligence Course

This course on the foundations of artificial intelligence, including deep learning and machine learning, is intended to provide students with an introduction to AI ideas and procedures. Learn about artificial intelligence while working on particular use cases, and get familiar with the differences between controlled, uncontrolled, and supervised learning. 

  • This AI course is an excellent starting point for anybody interested in pursuing a career as an AI developer.
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Machine Learning

The Machine Learning fundamentals course is intended to provide a strong framework and work-ready abilities for machine learning experts, data analysts, and artificial intelligence specialists. Develop practical skills in data preparation, time series analysis, text analytics, and supervised or unsupervised learning. 

  • The curriculum is suitable for anybody interested in learning about machine learning and launching their career in this field.


Big Data

Big Data Hadoop And Spark Developer

Learn the fundamentals of Spark and Hadoop with this Big Data Hadoop for Beginners course. To help you succeed as a big data developer, this Hadoop framework curriculum teaches you about Spark’s fundamentals. Integrated labs allow students to work on real-world, industry-based projects. Studying Hadoop will give you a better understanding of the large data processing cycle and the many components that make up the Hadoop ecosystem.

  • This program is suitable for learning aspirants who wishes to master the fundamentals of Big Data Hadoop and begin their journey in the Big Data field.


MongoDB Developer And Administrator

In this MongoDB fundamentals course, you’ll learn the skills you need to manage massive amounts of data and storage. Get familiar with MongoDB, a NoSQL database that’s utilized by a broad range of businesses and organizations throughout the world. Find out how to optimize queries and replicate data, as well as how to set up and maintain the database system. 

  • Anyone interested in a career in MongoDB administration should take this course. This course will help you master the basics of MongoDB and also get accompanied to advanced MongoDB concepts.


Data Science & Business Analytics

Business Analytics With Excel

You may improve your Microsoft Excel abilities by taking this free Excel course for beginners. This training, which includes an introduction to Power BI, will set you on the road to success with the fundamentals of business analytics. Improve your ability to make data-driven decisions by being familiar with the basics of business analytics, such as data analysis and statistics.

  • Learning enthusiasts wishing to upgrade their business intelligence skills must enroll in this free course.


Data Science With Python

Participants will get a thorough grasp of data analytics tools and methodologies via this Data Science with Python curriculum. Learn about data analysis, visualization, NumPy and SciPy programming languages, web scraping, and NLP by getting started with Python. 

  • This data science course is an excellent starting point for anybody interested in pursuing a career as a data scientist.


Introduction To Data Analytics Course

This introduction to data analytics is intended to provide a strong basis for dealing with a variety of data types, visualizing data for decision-making, and applying data analytics across multiple industries. Data analysts and analytics managers alike will benefit from this course.

  • This data analytics program will teach you how to use data processing and data science techniques to make better business choices. Learning enthusiasts who wish to strengthen their data analytics skills must enrol for this course.


Introduction To MS Excel

This Introduction to Microsoft Excel course will assist you in gaining a full grasp of Microsoft Excel and exploring its many features and functions. You will know how to develop functions, as well as how to organize, classify, and import data, among other things. 


  • Learn Microsoft Excel and experiment with the many tools and formulae that you may use to monitor, administer, and evaluate data-driven initiatives using Microsoft Excel. If you wish to master MX excel, this program is just the one for you.

Power BI for Beginners

Learn how to create and use reports and dashboards in Power BI with this free Power BI for Beginners course that covers all the basics of the platform. Analysts may utilize Power BI to generate dashboards and reports by using interactive visualizations. 

  • You will learn how to utilize the Power BI technique to evaluate data, construct datasets, and more in this free course. Anyone who is interested in data visualization and business intelligence, must enroll in this free course.

Tableau Training

You’ll learn all you must know to get started with Tableau and move on to more advanced subjects in this free online Tableau Training course. Learn Tableau to get a head start on your analytics career. Helps you construct dashboards and visualizations for better data-driven decision-making by providing free Tableau tutorials.

  • Learners from the business intelligence community must enroll in this course.


In order to help budding learners and tech-enthusiasts, Simplilearn has introduced Skill-up platform that offers a variety of free courses to learners across domains and industry verticals. These free programs range from digital marketing to software development, and cybersecurity to AI. These comprehensive courses are created by top practitioners and come with a pool of free guides on career paths, salaries, interview tips, and more. Explore the platform and start your learning journey right away with Simplilearn!


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