Business analytics is a wide field with several academic options and even more employment options. There is a need for analysts in every country. And the data they deal with influences the daily decisions that companies make. Many analysts have degrees in business, mathematics, or statistics, but you can succeed in the area of a self-taught analysis if you have the right mindset.

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Hundreds of free business courses are available on today’s online educational platforms, with many of them falling into the field of analytics. There are options for analysts of various ability levels, from novices to seasoned analysts.

The greatest free online business analytics courses are simple to enroll in and offer a user-friendly design as well as training from some of the country’s leading colleges. We’ve developed a list of five outstanding options based on some of our favorites.

5 Best Business Analytics Course 

1. Introduction to Data Analytics for Managers

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This University of Michigan course consists of a mix of case studies, hands-on exercises, and lectures that give students an understanding of data analytics and its various uses in business. Despite the fact that the title implies that it is a management course, you do not need to be a manager to take it, and it is appropriate for learners of all levels.

Students will learn the following during the free online business analytics course:

  • Various hands-on techniques and their use in the workplace.
  • How to use a graphical development environment to handle data analytics and avoid complex code.
  • How to carry out fundamental data science tasks and interpret the results.

The free online business analytics course takes about six weeks to finish and requires two to four hours per week, but you can study at your own pace. Students have the option of auditing the whole class for free or paying for a premium version that includes an instructor-signed certificate of completion.

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2. Introduction to Business Analytics-Communicating With Data

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This fascinating course, taught by Professor Kevin Hartman, is designed to give students the foundation they need to apply data analytics to address real-world business problems. It’s one of the greatest free online business analytics courses we’ve found for beginners, taking about 14 hours to complete. It’s divided into four weekly courses that cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Images that your brain sees
  • Working quickly while thinking slowly
  • Tracking down your data tale
  • Communicating your message

There are a total of 22 on-demand films, 13 readings, and ten quizzes available. Audit mode is available to students who merely want to read and view the course content. Users can purchase graded assignments and a completion certificate if they purchase the course, although this is not required.

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3. Customer Analytics

online courses for business analytics

Wharton’s Customer Analytics Course is the first in a series of Business Analytics Specialization courses available on Coursera. While the specialization’s certification costs money, students can audit each course in the specialization for free, making it a fantastic resource for serious students.

The five-week free online business analytics course includes nine readings, 34 videos, and quizzes. It is intended to teach users how to use prescriptive, predictive, and descriptive analysis to real-world business scenarios such as Amazon, Google, and other huge corporations.

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4. Business Analyst Training and Resources

Laura Brandenburg, an analyst, and author owns and operates the website Bridging the Gap. The site provides both free and paid training choices, as well as a variety of resources for those interested in pursuing a career as a business analyst.

Bridging the Gap’s main freebie is a training course designed to provide students with an overview of the topic. On the home page, users can sign up for emails. You can access useful articles, free webinars, and more from there.

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5. Become a Business Analytics Expert

Did you know that if you currently have a premium LinkedIn account, you may get free access to a massive library of courses (over 16,000)? That’s a huge benefit that a lot of people aren’t aware of. Many of these courses can lead to industry-recognized certification, which you can include on your resume to boost your job prospects.

This 10-module course, Become a Business Analytics Expert, is meant to give students an overview of the tools, concepts, and approaches required to begin a career as a business analyst.

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We’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest free online courses for business analytics accessible on a range of online learning platforms. Choose one course about business analytics and complete it. 

This skill can be helpful for you to get a high-paying job. Because businesses are demanding business analytics for their brands. Go through each course and choose the one which benefits you.




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