Hello, learners! Are you looking for free AICTE or Microsoft courses and internships, as well as free certification? If you answered yes, then this Future Ready Talent Program is for you!  This chance will absolutely benefit you in improving your career.

For a deeper understanding of these free courses, Let’s explore in detail.

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AICTE & Microsoft’s Free Courses

Microsoft recently partnered with the AICTE to develop the “Future Ready Talent Internship Program,”

The software giant said the program aims at preparing learners to work towards solving business challenges and creating innovative solutions using tools like Microsoft Azure and GitHub tools.

Microsoft will provide free learning modules and certificates on a variety of vital areas, including cloud computing, data & AI, and cybersecurity, as part of the program.

future ready talent

SSC NASSCOM will ensure that relevant courses are aligned with the National Occupational Standards and that these courses are linked to FutureSkills Prime.

Students will have free access to the GitHub Student Developer Pack, as well as the option to collaborate on projects with other GitHub developers.

Who can apply?

Students who graduated in 2021 or who will graduate in 2022 or 2023 are eligible for the Future Ready Talent program. The program is open to students from all areas of study.


The internship will last 9 weeks and include 190 learning hours.

Important Dates

Registration for the September batch will begin on September 15, 2021, and the internship will begin on September 29, 2021.


Yes, following successful completion of this internship, all learners will receive a free confirmed Industry-level Professional Certificate from AICTE, Microsoft, NASSCOM, EY, GitHub, and Quess Corp.

How to Apply?

Apply Now

Interested candidates should go to the Future Ready Talent website to apply. 👆 The deadline for applications is September 29. The internship will last for eight weeks.

For official notification by Microsoft: Check Now

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