You already know that we’re living in a digital age. Businesses and Brands also want to become digital. AI and machine learning are the concepts that came out to the world during digitalization. Without these terms making digital world is not even imaginable. So, the demand for machine learning engineers is growing rapidly these days.

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And that’s what we’re going to talk about today. We’ll tell you, what is machine learning? And some of the best machine learning free courses. You’ll be learning a lot about machine learning through this article. We’ll also be covering what does machine learning engineers do? If you’re interested in these digital terms then surely stick to the very end to know more about this.

What is Machine Learning?

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Machine learning is an area of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science that focuses on using data and algorithms to mimic the way humans learn, with the goal of steadily improving accuracy. Machine learning is a crucial part of the rapidly expanding discipline of data science. Algorithms are trained to generate classifications or predictions using statistical approaches, revealing crucial insights in data mining initiatives.

Following that, these insights drive decision-making within applications and enterprises, with the goal of influencing important growth KPIs. As big data expands and grows, the demand for data scientists will rise, necessitating their assistance in identifying the most relevant business questions and, as a result, the data needed to answer them.

In really simple words, machine learning is a branch of computer science that enables computers to learn without being explicitly programmed.

What do Machine learning engineers do?

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A machine learning engineer’s responsibilities will vary depending on the industry, organization, and team with whom they operate. While the core task across the board is to design, implement, and maintain machine learning systems using data science and computer science fundamentals, this can take many various shapes depending on the project type.

To understand what a person is saying, virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana rely on key machine learning capabilities such as natural language processing and information retrieval. Language models, automatic speech recognition technologies, and machine translation quality would all be more important to a machine learning engineer working with voice-based virtual assistants.

Meanwhile, a self-driving car engineer for a carmaker will have to research, create, and deploy deep learning models that enable the vehicle’s computer to detect what’s around it and traverse the road autonomously. Instead of focusing on natural language processing like an ML engineer working on Siri or Alexa might, computer vision and deep learning models that can help the computer do visual identification tasks like segmentation and detection would be prioritized.

Best Machine Learning Free Courses

So, now after reading these all you get might be interested in this field. The salary and scope in this field are growing rapidly. Getting involved in this field can be a worthy decision of your life. For that, we’re listing here the 5 best machine learning free courses. Here we’re starting:

1. Machine Learning

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So, if you’re a complete beginner then we’ve found a goldmine for you. Yeah, I’m not kidding! Here we’ve found a machine learning course on Coursera which is actually absolutely free. And the course is uploaded by Stanford. Isn’t it amazing? This is such a detailed course on machine learning and it takes about 61 hours to complete the course. 

Self-driving cars, realistic speech recognition, successful web search, and a much-enhanced understanding of the human genome have all been made possible by machine learning in the last decade. Machine learning is now so common that you probably use it thousands of times per day without even realizing it. Many academics believe it is the most effective technique to get closer to human-level AI. This program will teach you about the most effective machine learning techniques and give you practice implementing and using them on your own.

Why consider this course?

  • Over 4M+ Students enrolled.
  • Subtitles Available: {English,  Hindi, and in much more languages}
  • 4.9 Star Rating.
  • Absolutely free to Audit.

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2. Getting Started with Machine Learning

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This is a basic course for machine learning. In this short course of 40 min. You’ll gonna be learning the basics only. If you starting out in this field. And if you feel completely blank about this particular field then we consider going with this course.

You will not be only learning the basics only. Regardless, you’ll be going to learn implementation as well. The topic “Neural Network” is also going to be covered in this course.  

Why consider this course?

  • 40 min Short and Informative Course
  • 9K+ Students Enrolled.
  • 3.8 Star Rating.
  • Absolutely Free

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3. The Top 5 Machine Learning Libraries in Python

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We have already talked a lot about python programming and courses in this blog. But, you’ll be amazed to know that python is an important language for machine learning. So, in this free course, you’ll be going through all the important python libraries for machine learning.

You’ll be able to build models using the most powerful machine learning language available. You’ll also gain a thorough understanding of the supervised predictive modeling method and a solid grasp of the basic vernacular in this course.

Why consider this course?

  • 1hr 30min of in-detail Course
  • 90K+ Students Enrolled.
  • 4.3 Star Rating.
  • English Subtitles Available.

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4. Machine Learning: Making computers think!

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Honestly, this is an amazing and engaging course. Not just the title is catchy but also the content inside the course is commendable. This is a 2-hour free course that will actually tell you about machine learning from a different perspective and way.

The instructor is also going to teach python for machine learning. But, the way he explained the course is really appreciable. The instructor is one of the google developers. Now, garb this power-packed free course as soon as possible!

Why consider this course?

  • Created by Google Developers.
  • 16K+ Students Enrolled.
  • 4.2 Star Rating.
  • English Subtitles Available.

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5. R Programming for Data Science And Machine Learning

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R programming language is one of the courses which has been used for data science and machine learning for decades now. This has a variety of job scopes. And for so, we’ve found an amazing course by an amazing platform, skillshare. In this course, you’ll be getting knowledge about R programming.

Not only this, but also you’ll be knowing about using of R programming language in various fields like machine learning and Data Science

Why consider this course?

  • Created by Google Developers.
  • 81 Classes Included!
  • 13 Hours of in-detailed Content.
  • Subtitles are available for 4 different Languages.

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You’ve reached the end. We really hope you learned something new from this article. Here we’ve covered the machine learning free courses and also the basic idea of what actually machine learning engineers do? So, Share this post across social media if you liked it. Which course or field are you interested in the most? Let us know in the comment section, it’s open and free for all. At last, we just want to tell you that choose one course at a time and complete it with full dedication and also remember that practice is the key to success. Best of luck from team Fzfact 🙂





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