Sometimes you need to talk to HR. You might have a concern or want to know about a job opportunity. You can email them and it is important that the email is written well so they understand what you are asking for. In this article, we talk about how to write an email with a template and examples.

How To Write an Email To HR

E-mail is a widely-used communication platform professionally. It is also easy to reach out to anyone with this. Many of the people who just do spam and all. So, it’s difficult for the receiver to identify whether you’re a spammer or genuine. Also, a lot of times the receiver doesn’t understand what the sender wants to say! That’s why we’re to tell you how to write an e-mail To HR.

How to write an email to HR

How To Write an Email To HR

So, we’ll be discussing 6 points which you’ve to go through in order to write a non-spammy and eye-catching mail.  The very first point is:

1. Properly address your email

If you work for a big company, you might not know your HR person. They are the one who gives you information about your job. You need their email address to send them an email. Start your email by calling them by their first name and last name.

If you’ll directly mail the CEO of the company or a brand then, there is must be a 99.9% chance that you’re not gonna get the reply. Choosing the right person’s email is also really important.

2. Write a specific subject line

Subject Line Should be

  • Catchy
  • Precise
  • Easy to differentiate

When writing a professional email, it is important to use the subject line to say what the email is about. If you are filing a complaint, then include that in your subject line. If you want to ask about payroll issues, include that in your subject line too. The subject of your email should be short and informative enough for HR professionals to know what it’s about before they even open it.

In all of your emails to the HR department, it is important to clearly identify what you are emailing about. This will help them know if it is urgent and they need to get back to you right away.

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3. Explain the situation

When you write an email, you should be clear. Tell the person what the email is about so they will know if they want to read it or not. If something is complicated to discuss by email, just say so and ask if it would be better for you to speak in person or on the phone instead.

It is one of the most important factors. You should be looking into this again and again. This is the section where HR will decide whether they’ll reply to you or not.

4. Clarify what steps you want to take

When you tell your HR representative about the issue, be clear about what you want to do. If you have already tried to fix the problem, tell them that too. That way they know that what they might suggest is not what you want. It also shows them that you tried to fix it yourself before asking them for help.

If you do not tell the HR representative what type of solution you expect, they may not know what to do. For example, you might suggest a solution that you think is best. Or, if they don’t know how to fix the problem, you can email them and ask them for help.

5. Close the email

After you have told the person everything, write a polite goodbye. In your goodbye, tell them that you will wait for their reply. Then add your name and a professional sign-off like “best regards.” Add any other information that they might need to know. For example, if you work in a specific office number with a phone number and email address.

6. Check for mistakes

Before pressing send, look at your email and fix everything that is wrong with it. Make sure that you have spelled all the words correctly and also check for grammar mistakes. This is important because it will make your email look professional and polished.

Template for an email to HR

Here is a standard template that you can use when writing an email to your HR representative:

To: [Their professional email address]

The subject: [Main topic of your email in a few words]

Dear [First and last name of HR representative]

[Polite greeting] 

  • I’m writing this email regarding [the issue you need to address]. 
  • [Explanation of the issue, with relevant details]. 
  • [What you would like to do about the issue]. 
  • [Thank them for their time].

Best regards,

[Your first and last name]
[Relevant contact information if needed]

Examples of emails to HR

Here are some examples of different types of emails you might send to HR using the template:

Example 1

To: [email protected]

Subject: Working Accommodations

Dear [Name],

Good afternoon. I’m writing this email regarding my request for working accommodations. I submitted my request on January 10, but have not yet heard back from my manager about implementing these accommodations. As I disclosed in the request form, I will be taking care of a family member after surgery on February 5. I would like approval to work from home for the duration of that week in order to be present for them. I am able to work the same hours but ask to do so remotely for that week. Please let me know if this accommodation can be made. Thank you for your time.

Best regards,


Example 2

To: [email protected]

Subject: Application for Accountant Position

Dear [Name],

Good morning, Paul. I’m writing this email regarding my application for the position of Accountant with Levels Inc. I have submitted an application online and have attached my resume and cover letter to this email. Please reach out if you have any questions concerning my application or would like to schedule an interview. Thank you for your time, and I hope you consider me for the position.




I hope this guide helps you to write the perfect email to HR! Whether you’re looking for a job or anything else. These little tips and templates will surely help you out. Do you have any other questions? We’re always here for your feedback. Thanks so much, and happy reading!




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