You might be looking forward to getting free certification courses from reputed companies like Infosys, TCS, L&T, etc in programming languages like Java, Python and C++, then 13+ free certification courses have been recently launched by Infosys. The Springboard of Infosys allows kids and teens to adults and lifetime learners to access these courses. The holistic set of courses focuses on overall development of a person. Remain on the article until the very end to know more about the Springboard Online Certification Courses and avail the benefits of the free courses.

What are Infosys Springboard Certification Courses?

Powered by Infosys Wingspan, ‘Infosys Springboard’ is a free platform that focuses on the fundamentals of modular learning skills that are helpful in digital literacy, proficiency and competency. 

The major courses offered by the platform are in Business, Corporate Finance, Excel, Management, Leadership and Data Sciences fields. These courses, packed with value, are sure to add to your knowledge. 

Designed with Coursera and Harvard Business Publishing, the leading educators of the world, the courses on holistic development. With the launch of free courses, Infosys CSR to train more than 10 million individuals in digital skills by 2025. 

Who all are eligible for these courses?

Anyone who wants to learn new skills or wishes to improve them can take the free certification courses of Infosys. From school and college going students to jobseekers, all are welcomed for the course. You can be a 12th pass out and pursuing your graduation or a graduate student, there’s always a course for you. The premium courses give a corporate kind of learning experience which varies from students to jobseekers. 

How to get certification from Infosys?

Infosys Registration

Infosys Registration

To get certified, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open the official Infosys Springboard website  ( ).

Step  2: Find and click the ‘Explore’ button to see the free Infosys Courses list.

Step 3: For certification, click the search icon and locate certification menu. 

Step 4: Select the certification course you want and complete the videos and lectures given on it.

Step 5: When you are done with the course, Mark the course as complete. 

How to take the Online Certification Examination?

After you complete the recommended course, you will have to undergo the certification examination. To complete the examination, you will be asked to book a test slot from the available slots. Once you book the slot, you will have to appear for the certification exam on the scheduled date and time. Reading examination guidelines is recommended before appearing in the test. 

Now, since you have completed the Infosys certification examination, YOU ARE VERIFIED!

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Do you still have doubts left in your mind? 

In case you are left with some doubts, here’s a video link to help you if you get stuck. 




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