As technology is booming around the world! Web development and coding become an essential part of one’s life whether you’re from the tech or non-tech field. Big tech companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc. always seek good software engineers or coders. And here’s the opportunity you can all grab.

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There is no lack of jobs around the world, everybody is just lacking the good modern skills to have. And, coding is one of them. In this article, we will tell you the best and free web development and coding courses. So, you can grab the opportunity to work with big giants or small companies to earn a little bit for your living.

Top 9 free web development and coding Courses

1. Programming for Entrepreneurs – HTML & CSS {Udemy}

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Programming for Entrepreneurs is a programming language that has been specially designed so that even those with no prior programming experience can easily understand it. It has also been designed to be used for beginning programmers who want to write HTML & CSS without the hassle of learning complex programming concepts. After this, you will be able to make basic front-end websites easily.

Rating: 4.2 | 1hr 42min

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2. Master the Basics of HTML5 & CSS3: Web Development {Udemy}

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Master the Basics of HTML5 & CSS3 is an online course that teaches users how to code in HTML5 and CSS3 using hands-on examples. Students will gain a solid foundation in web development with the help of this course. It is also a step-by-step guide that provides students with a solid foundation in web development skills.

The most important thing to keep in mind about Master the Basics of HTML5 & CSS3 is that it provides core coding skills for web development.

Rating: 4.3 | 3hr 5min

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3. How to Make a Website with NameCheap {Codecademy}

In this course, you will learn to make websites using Namecheap. It is not a CMS like Worpress & wix. Instead, they provide web-hosting and domain names to do so. After this course, you will have a clear understanding of making websites and making them online.

Rating: 4.4 | 9 Hours

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4. Learn JavaScript – {Codecademy}

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JavaScript (often abbreviated “JS”) is a programming language for Web development. It’s also considered the only truly native programming language of the browser because it was invented specifically for use in Web pages and related documents such as PDF files or emails. It is also a high-paying skill and can be used in the backend of web development. Learn how to use JavaScript on Codecademy for free today!

Rating: 4.5 | 20 Hours

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5. Responsive Web Design Fundamentals – Google {Udacity}

Responsive web design is a way of designing websites that work well on multiple devices, from small smartphones to large desktops. In order to make sure your site works well with Responsive Web Design, it’s important to understand some of the challenges and strategies involved in more detail. That’s what you will learn in this course!

Rating 4.4 | 2 weeks

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6. Intro to HTML/CSS: Making webpages {khanacademy}

free web development and coding courses

HTML ( HyperText Markup Language ) is the most basic of all programming languages. It’s what makes web pages work. And CSS is used to style web pages. These are the most basic languages in order to get into web development. You’ll everything in this khan academy course.

Rating: 4.4 

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7. Learn HTML & CSS From Scratch! : The Beginners Guide {Udemy}

free web development and coding courses

So, till now you’ve understood the importance of HTML and CSS. These are the basic fundamentals that you must have to learn for web development. You can also check out this course over the others. This is from udemy. We’ve offered you a lot of HTML and CSS courses. Now, it’s your choice which one will you choose.

Rating: 4.8 | 1hr 20min

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8. Learn HTML – {Codecademy}


free web development and coding courses

HTML is the main markup language used for creating web pages and one of several languages that can be used to create web applications. HTML stands for ‘hypertext markup language. If you wish to learn only HTML in complete detail and don’t want to compromise with any part of it then this course can be a goldmine for you!

Rating: 4.5 | 9 hrs

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9. Getting Started as a Web Developer {Udemy}

free web development and coding courses

Web development is not only about learning new languages. Instead, there are a lot of other factors to become a profitable and successful one. So, in this course, you’ll learn the tactics and tips to become a good web developer.

Rating: 4.4 | 58min

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However, If you’re looking for a way to break into the tech industry, or just want to learn more about coding and web development concepts without paying too much money, there are plenty of free resources available. We’ve compiled some of our favorite places where you can find quality courses on everything from Javascript programming to HTML/CSS markup languages that will help give your resume an edge in today’s competitive job market. Start learning now!


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