In this article, we’re gonna talk about free upGrad courses. We’ve already told you about a lot of free courses before. But, this one is going to be the best of them.  Because all the courses we’re going to tell you today are from the reputed online learning platform upGrad. I am must sure, you’re already knowing about this platform.

UpGrad is one of the biggest online global learning platforms.  All the free upGrad courses that we’re going to tell you are worth rupees lakhs and also come with a globally recognized certificate without paying a single amount of money. So, if you’re a student or a working professional who wants to add a new trending digital skill to their resume then stick to this post and find the right course for you.

60+ Free UpGrad Online Certification Courses

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So before telling you all the courses, we want to tell you that all the courses are categorized into six different categories. Here are those six listed below:

  • Business Basics
  • Data Science
  • Marketing
  • Machine learning
  • Technology
  • Career Planning

If you’re interested to get into any of these fields then you should check out the courses. Now, we can get into the course. Starting with the very first Category:

1. Business Basics Free Courses

free upgrad courses

In this section of courses, you’ll gonna learn about businesses and startups. You will be gaining more knowledge about growing a business from a ground level, about funding, etc. In this category, you’ll have 25 different courses to choose from.

We can bet that this can be a challenging one for you to go ahead with one. Because all the courses in this category are super useful and knowledge-packed. Also can help you to grow your business.

Courses we recommend in this list:

This Course from the business basics category will help you to get better at communication. Probably, you’re already knowing how important communication is. In businesses and real-life as well. Go ahead and grab this 1hour short course for free.

In this course, you’re gonna learn how you can build your own successful start-up. Why we’re recommending this course because you will get a chance to hear from Nithin Kamath that how he build Zerodha, a multi-dollar unicorn startup. You can learn a lot of insider techniques and apply them in your business to give it a new height. 

If you’re all set for starting a business but lacking out on that one idea then, we have got an article on our blog about the top 3 best business ideas which even don’t require capital or a lot of capital.

2. Data Science Free Courses

free upgrad courses

In this particular section, you’ll be mastering data. Do you even think before that how your favorite social media apps like WhatsApp and Instagram earn money? They don’t charge anything from you but they have all your data. And to handle those tons and tons of data, companies need data scientists. They usually analyze the collected data.

You’ll learn all these from reputed institutes and experts- instructors through upGrad. In this section, they have covered data science with different programming languages. You can choose whichever you want to go with.

Courses we recommend in this list:

The reason behind choosing this course as our recommendation is only that it’s completely designed by beginners who don’t have any prior knowledge. You will be learning python which is a way too easy language as compared to other programming languages.

And, after successful completion of the course, you’ll also get the globally recognized certificate.

People used to shop online a lot, especially after this whole pandemic situation happened. Big e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. have tons of data of their users. In this course, you’ll be learning how these companies are managing the data and all about the technology they’re using for this.

If you find the data science field interesting and want to know more about it. Then, we’ve already talked about “The complete roadmap for data science” previously on our blog

3. Marketing Free Courses

.free upgrad courses

This is our favorite segment. Whether you’re a business owner or looking for a job. You must have to know how to market yourself or the business. People got to know about you or your business through marketing. And this is what, in this segment, you’ll learn.

After doing one of these courses and after gaining a little experience you can even get a job in marketing at any reputed company or brand.

Courses we recommend in this list:

Social media is currently booming all around the world. Many of the small businesses, market themselves just by using social media for free. This is such a powerful course and also based on an in-demand skill. 

Understanding search engine optimization (SEO) is really important these days. Every business wants to be on the top of Google for its targeted keyword and audience. This can be done free of cost by using this. You should learn SEO because even after you didn’t get a job, you can start your own blog and start earning money with the help of SEO.

4. Machine learning Free Courses

free upgrad courses

In this section, there are not a lot of different courses that are free. You’ll only get three free courses here. The courses in this segment can be helpful for you if you had already been in the machine learning space for years.

All three courses here are not for beginners. In order to go with these courses, you need some prior knowledge.

5. Technology Free Courses

free upgrad courses

This will be going your favorite segment if you really enjoy coding or want to learn more about programming and all. Thus in this category, there are a lot of free coding courses from which you can learn for free and also get a certificate. It will help you to get your first ever job.

This segment includes a lot of frameworks, coding languages, etc. These are all 100% free of cost. It can be the best segment in our upGrad free courses list.

Courses we recommend in this list:

There is no need to tell you, how popular language javascript is. If you want to be a web developer then, you must go ahead with this free javascript certification course. This will help you to design the backends of the websites. After gaining a decent amount of experience as a javascript developer, you can also get a job in big companies with a good package.

React is a front-end JavaScript library for creating user interfaces using UI components that is free and open-source. Meta and a community of individual developers and businesses support it. React can be used to create single-page or mobile applications as a foundation. It can be really helpful if you learn it after the javascript. You’ll learn javascript along with react.js then, you’ll easily get a job of 15-20K/Month.

5. Career Planning Free Courses

free upgrad courses

This can be an important segment for those who are confused about their career. If you don’t know which courses you should choose, then in this section you’ll find some of the easy courses like writing, MBA basics, etc. 

They also have a course about career planning, which will help you out if you’re totally lost about what to do with your life. Make sure to grab this if you’re one who is still confused. This will be the last category in our free upGrad courses list.

Courses we recommend in this list:

We’ve already talked about this course in the introduction of this segment. This course will help you out if you’ve any doubts or problems regarding choosing your career. This 20min short course will blow your mind and open it in the right way. In this course, you’ll be hearing that choosing this or that course can make you a millionaire instead, you’ll be learning how to choose the right career for you.

As this segment was named, we’re only including the career planning course in our recommendation list. It’s common to feel stressed and uncertain during choosing a career. This course will guide you to overcome this unwanted stress. And, also gives you clarity regarding your career.


So, we really hope you’ve liked our free upgrad courses list. There are a lot of courses from which you may feel lost about which to choose or not. But, firstly choose the category who you like the most from these and then pick only one course from that category. So, you can complete that course with full dedication.

If you’ll choose one or more courses at a single time, all the time will get scattered and then procrastination will surround you.  That’s all for this one. Go ahead and pick the courses you like. Wishing you the best of luck from team Fzfact 🙂





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