Free Courses to Become a Python Developer

Level 0: New Programmers 🎯

If you are completely new to the coding field, your first week to start with programming should be learning text editors, IDEs, Databases, Excel and spreadsheets, and the basics of computer networks.

  1. Learn about Text Editor 
  2. Learn about The Modern IDE  
  3. Learn Database 
  4. Learn Excel 
  5. Learn Basic Concepts of Networking 

Level 1: Python Coding Skills 🎯

Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate –Start Learning (Using Finacial Aid)

IBM Cognitive Class – Start Learning

GUVI – Start Learning

Complete Python With Notes – Start Learning

Basic Python to Advance with Practice Exercise –Start Learning

Level 2: Learn DSA with Practice Exercise 

DSA in English –Start Learning

DSA in Hindi – Start Learning




Waleed Butt · August 7, 2022 at 6:24 pm

Sir! Google IT automation with python,a person who has no experience in python programming can do this course.

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