We often discuss passive income or make money ideas on our blog.  And if we’re talking about making money online. Then, how can we forget about graphic design? The design industry is growing rapidly. Every business whether it’s small or large and even start-ups are investing a lot of money in graphic designing. So, we’ve decided to tell you the “best courses for graphic designing” in this blog. These courses which are listed below are 100% free.

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As attractive and beautiful design attracts people toward their brand and helps to acquire more customers. So, brands spend a lot of their funds on logos, branding, and designs. Let’s give you an example of this one.

Do you know how much did Pepsi pays for its logo? I am sure you’re not knowing about it. So, Pepsi got their logo for  $1,000,000 that’s equal to INR 7,47,51,900. Isn’t it amazing? This makes it one of the most expensive logos.

Best Free Courses of Graphic Designing

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Now, after reading these all, you might get interested in earning as a graphic designer. Before starting the list, I want to tell you that after learning this skill you’ll not get orders directly from Tim cook or Bill gates. You’ve to start from the very beginning because you’re completely new to the field. Maybe your earnings will be zero, in the first month.

But, once you start earning and proving value to the people through your services. You’ll earn a lot more than you think. With this, let’s get started with the list. The very first course on our list is:

1. Professional Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator

You might not be knowing but adobe illustrator has widely used software among graphic designers. This is used to make logos, posters, etc. In this course, you’ll learn adobe illustrator in detail. Although there is one more course is coming up on adobe illustrator.

You can go with this udemy free illustrator course because it focuses on logo especially. So, if you’re interested in making logos then consider checking out this course.

Why consider this course?

  • Over 200K+ Students enrolled.
  • 7hrs. of detailed content about making logos.
  • 4.5 Star Rating.
  • Absolutely free!

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2. How To Design Social Media Posts with Canva! (Beginner)

This is a basic course which we have included on our list. Canva is a very powerful and easy-to-use tool that helps you to make posters, banners, logos, and a lot more. If you don’t want to learn those complicated tools or you don’t have a PC. Then, this course is just for you.

Many businesses don’t know how to use Canva? And they actually pay for this as well. You can earn even $10/day. Just by using canva.com on a mobile phone. To master the canvas designing. Follow this free course.

Why consider this course?

  • Over 25k+ Students enrolled.
  • Engaging instructor.
  • Insider techniques included.
  • Absolutely free!

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3. Graphic Design Masterclass: Learn GREAT Design

Best Courses of Graphic Designing

This is an ultimate course by Lindsay Marsh on skillshare. You’ll learn a lot in this course. The instructor is herself a graphic designer serving brands through their services. You’ll learn each and every tool and technique you need to become a graphic designer.

In this course, the instructor teaches adobe photoshop, illustrator, and InDesign. The top and trending tools for graphic designing. You’ll also be learning about colors, layout, and typography. This one course is enough to make you a better graphic designer. But, this is a paid course but you can access it with skillshare’s free trial.

Why consider this course?

  • 143 Lessons Included. Yes, it’s true!
  • Expert Instructor.
  • 21k+ Students enrolled.
  • 18hrs. of in-detailed content.

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4. Adobe Photoshop CC – Essentials Training Course

Best Courses of Graphic Designing

You’ve must have already been knowing about adobe Photoshop. No matter whether you’re in the graphic designing field or not. In this course, you’ll be learning adobe photoshop in detail. The instructor is himself a graphic designer expert.

With over 80K+ students, this course is best for learning photoshop. You can design business cards, posters, mockups, etc. with adobe photoshop. Here’s why you should consider this course:

Why consider this course?

  • 90 Lessons Included. 
  • The instructor is himself an expert.
  • 83k+ Students enrolled.
  • 09hrs. of in-detailed content.

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5. Adobe Illustrator for Beginners | FREE COURSE

Best Courses of Graphic Designing

So, here we’re with the illustrator for free on youtube. This course is also by the same instructor which is in the photoshop course by skillshare. In this free youtube course, he has discussed each and every tool in illustrator. 

This youtube free illustrator course is enough for you to make as capable to earn a little bit by freelancing. If you start practicing after this video course then, you’ll be good to go.

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Why consider this course?

  • Adobe certified educator.
  • The instructor is himself an expert.
  • Watched by 5.5M+ Viewers.
  • Every tool is explained in a detailed way.

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We’ve told you the best courses of graphic designing. These are not only free but also from the best educators. We’ve listed here the top 5. Although, there are a lot of free courses but we’ve only shortlisted the best ones. 

Which course are you going to choose? Let us know in the comment section.


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