One of the finest programs to boost career is the Cloud Facilitator Program run by Google. These programs will give hands on Google searches, YouTube and Gmail. 

Along the journey to these programs, you can learn practical concepts like application development, computing, big data and machine learning including cloud. Whenever you get stuck, specially trained cloud facilitators are there to help you at any time. 

Major Highlights of the Facilitator Program of the Google

Some of the important highlights of the program includes:

  • Google Cloud Essentials.

  • Create and Manage Cloud Resources.

  • Perform Foundational Infrastructural Tasks.

  • Free Goodies.

  • Google Badges.

  • Google Cloud Certification.

  • Free Access to Other Programs.

Well, these are just a few highlights, there’s a long list of program highlights and rewards waiting to be earned by you. 

Why should you attend the facilitator program?

These programs are an ocean of knowledge in different fields and also nurtures your skills. So, to acquire adequate knowledge and detailing of the cloud technology along with knowledge about different applications owned by Google, you must opt for the  Facilitator program. 

Who should opt for attending this program?

Anyone! literally anyone who wants to learn, enhance and polish their skill in cloud technology and become an expert in the field can join this online program. Anyone who wants to accelerate their career in the same field can join Cloud Facilitator Program and enjoy the perks of being an expert. It does not matter if you are a fresher or an experienced person, Google welcomes all. 

How to apply to the Ready Facilitator Program?

To apply for the facilitator program, click the link below:


When you visit the link, you will find the Enrollment button, you can click on that and enter your details and enroll for the program. The page will also give you an idea of the syllabus of the program and what you can expect from it. 

You can also enroll yourself through the Google form Link.


What to do when you get stuck?

If you get stuck, do watch the YouTube video given below.

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