Hello Learners! Are you tired of searching for any free online course to learn Fundamentals of Computer? Finally, you are on the right platform to learn the Fundamentals Of Computers. In this blog, you will learn the basics of computers exclusively with Top instructors at Masai school.

In this era, Computer Science is an essential part of everyone’s life. Almost everything around us is somewhere connected to the computer as well as its software. In fact, if we are unknown to operate this computer world so then, we are at a great loss.

Hence, to take a first step towards learning Computer science. Masai School will prove the best source to learn computers at a beginner level with no investment. so without any delay, let’s get started:

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Benefits of Online course Fundamentals of Computer in Hindi  

  • Add Stars to your CV.
  • Keep up with the Technology.
  • Study most in-demand skills absolutely free.
  • Learn Computer at your pace, place, and in your language.
  • It is easy to achieve an optimal balance between your life and learning.

About Masai School

Masai School

Masai is an outcome-driven career school. Masai is targeting to upskill India to train our youth for the most in-demand jobs in the world. They offer new modules for higher education to invest in our student’s future and success. It is India’s fastest-growing career institute, Masai has one goal: unlocking the human potential of India by making our education system outcome driven.

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Masai Fundamentals of Computer Course Layout

Lectures Topics (Watch Now)
Lecture-1 Binary Numbers
Lecture-2 How to use the Internet?
Lecture- 3 Operating System
Lecture-4 How to Format File?
Lecture-5 File System

*Note: Click on the lecture’s topic you will be redirected to lectures on Computer Fundamentals exclusively.

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Masai School


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